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Drunken mother flees with children in car

A Monticello woman was charged Friday with fleeing from an officer, driving while intoxicated, and child endangerment, the Pioneer Press said.

Monica Say, 30, was led the police on a 4-mile-long chase on Hwy. 12 last Thursday while drunk with her two and four year old sons in the car, a bottle of rum in the diaper bag, and a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit, the Star Tribune said.

Marijuana was also found in Say's car, the Star Tribune said.

Police released the two boys to family members and sent the case to a child-protection agency, the Pioneer Press said.

Stub & Herbs must close temporarily for serving underage decoys

Stub & Herbs bar and restaurant is required to close for three days before the end of the year for failing three alcohol-compliance tests conducted by the Minneapolis Police between April and September, the Star Tribune said.

Stub & Herbs will be required to close for a Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and they must pay fines and make policy changes for serving four underage decoys on three separate occasions, the Minnesota Daily said.

The 25 decoys that Sgt. Rolf Markstrom, of the Minneapolis Police Department's licensing division, uses are not allowed to lie about their age, but they are allowed to deny being a part of a police sting, the Star Tribune said.

On Sept. 19, the same day the Gophers versus California football game happened blocks away, Stub & Herbs failed their third test when the security guard admitted a 20 year old woman and 19 year old man -- both decoys -- into an area that served alcohol, the Star Tribune said.

The city issued a $500 fine in April when the bar served one underage decoy a drink, a $1000 fine in May when the incident repeated, and a $2000 fine for serving the decoys alcohol during the third incident, the Minnesota Daily said.

Rybak wins mayoral race

R.T. Rybak won his third term to office as Mayor Tuesday, the Star Tribune said.

Rybak had endorsement by all city council members and won 74 percent of votes after Tuesday's voting, the Minnesota Daily said.

Papa John Kolstad, with Republican and Independent support, came up second by a long run, the Star Tribune said.

Jeremy Hanson, spokesman for Rybak, said that the race lacked competition which probably contributed to a low turnout at polls, the Minnesota Daily said.

The race had 11 candidates, the Star Tribune said.

St. Paul man shot at Fort Hood

A St. Paul man was shot and killed Thursday at Fort Hood, Texas the Star Tribune said.

Kham Xiong, 23, was among one of the 13 soldiers to be struck at the Fort Hood shooting Thursday, the Pioneer Press said.

Xiong, whose 10 siblings, wife and three kids live in East St. Paul, was waiting in line with about 300 others for a flu shot and eye exam the day he was killed, the Pioneer Press said.

Nelson Xiong, Kham Xiong's younger brother who was fighting in Afghanistan, was due back from on Nov. 28, the Star Tribune said. 

Chor Xiong, the father of the two, prepared himself for a call about the younger Xiong, and never prepared himself for the older Xiong's death, the Star Tribune said.

Retired policeman attacked by dog

A 2-year-old dog attacked his owner, a retired police officer from St. Paul, Sunday, tearing off his skin and eyelid, the Star Tribune said.

Jim Stewart, 53, had no problems with Igor, the dog, since he got him five months ago, KSTP said.

Amy Klinefelter, the roommate of Stewart, said that the dog had shown no signs of aggression before and immediately after the attack, the Star Tribune said.

Stewart underwent seven hours of surgery and was listed as in good condition Thursday, KSTP said.

U of M vet school gets $55 million grant

The University of Minnesota's School of Veterinary Medicine received a $55 million federal grant Friday to research in the fight against future international pandemics, the Star Tribune said.

The university will join the Emerging Pandemic Threat Program, a $185 million project by the United States Agency for International Development, a government agency that provides help to other nations, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) said.

The research will focus on developing countries where animal-born diseases occur before spreading to humans, MPR said.

For five years, starting in January, the program will focus its research on parts of Southeast Asian, Africa, and South America, the Star Tribune said.

Hit-and-run driver turns himself in

A young adult turned himself in Friday for a hit-and-run that killed a pedestrian Thursday night in south Minneapolis, the Star Tribune said.

The young man called Minneapolis police Sgt. Jesse Garcia Friday afternoon after his mother heard the report on WCCO that morning and pressured him to turn himself in, the Star Tribune said.

Witnesses said the victim was struck around 9:30 p.m. on Minnehaha Avenue and 31st Street what was described to be a Chevy SUV, KARE said.

The man and the victim's names have not yet been released by officials.

Garcia described the young man as sounding, "scared and somewhat remorseful," the Star Tribune said.

HDTVs moved from sex offenders to vets

Fourteen of the 24 flat screen HDTVs at a sex offender program in Moose Lake will be moved to veterans homes across the state, Gov. Tim Pawlenty decided Friday, the Star Tribune reported.

Pawlenty expressed that the Moose Lake sex offender program's decision to buy nearly $60,000 worth of 50 inch TVs for clinical benefit was "a dumb decision," the Star Tribune said.

Pawlenty, whose administration has proven to be cost-conscious, said, "They don't need 50-inch, flat-screen plasma televisions for sex offenders," the Associated Press said.

Pawlenty decided to make "higher and better use for the sets," and plans to relocate the TVs to state-wide veterans homes and government agencies, and plans to sell some of the televisions to make up for costs, the Star Tribune reported.

"At a time when schools are being starved and poor people are getting kicked off their medical assistance plans and hospitals are struggling and nursing homes are struggling, how do you justify 50-inch, plasma-style televisions in a facility for sex offenders?" the Associated Press reports state Rep. Michael Paymar as saying.

Woman hit by bus at 46th street station

A Minneapolis woman was hit by a metro bus Friday morning, WCCO News said.

Rebecca Cruzen, 43, was crossing the street at 6:30 a.m. when she was hit by a 46th street Metro ransit bus Friday, the Star Tribune said.

The bus driver, who has driven Metro Transit buses for over seven years, has undergone the procedural drug and alcohol testing, the Star Tribune said.

Authorities are investigating the incident, the Star Tribune said.

Cruzen is in critical condition, on life support, Cruzen's family told WCCO News.

Nurse accused of encouraging suicide

A Faribault man is under investigation for encouraging members of suicide websites to kill themselves, MSNBC said Friday.

William Melchert-Dinkel is under investigation for the suicides of 32-year-old Mark Drybrough from England and 18-year-old Nadia Kajouji from Ontario, the National Post said.

Melchert-Dinkel, 47, has a fetish for forming pacts with suicide website members and encouraged others to kill themselves, the National Post said.

Melchert-Dinkel pretended to care for those he chatted with and gave them step-by-step directions on how to kill themselves, MSNBC said.

Legal experts say that the case against Melchert-Dinkel will be difficult to form because he did not physically help the victims to kill themselves, MSNBC said. No charges have been filed, MSNBC said.

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