Crossing the Bridge

My mindset when I stepped on to the bridge wasn't exactly exciting. I had things to do, and I wanted to get this over with!

What I first did was time myself walking across the bridge in my usual gait, which is unusually fast. I crossed it in about 4 minutes. So I walked back and fourth, looking at each panel of art as I passed by. My body was rushing and my mind was already planning what I would do when I hit the books. I wasn't on the bridge.

Pretty soon I had 20 minutes left. So I sat down on a bench and pulled out my document. I began sketching a little - and writing a bit. When I looked up, I had 4 minutes left before time was out. So I leaped onto my feet, walked around in circles until I was at the doors to the West Bang. I took small steps, trying to fit each step into a second. Interestingly enough, I failed. When my foot was on the West Bank I was 2 seconds over.

Its funny that I was such in a rush to get off the bridge, but I couldn't even step off the bridge in exactly 30 minutes. My first approach wasn't very successful in sucking out as much time as possible. If I were to do this again, I'd probably try something else than walking around with my head bent over my timer.

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