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Last Week:
"My definition of Leadership is someone who present positive approach and share dreams to their team or organization. It listen to individuals' thoughts or concerns and not just its' own interpretation. Leadership involves working with as many different people and not favor it's own interest of human kind."

This Week:
From experiences, I learned that leadership should be well prepared into leading many followers since their quality of leading others are held responsible to the outcomes. Leader's duty is to focus improving its leadership skills first and then improve their team to become successful. According to D.T. Kyle, he believes that Presence is the quality to resulting positional and personal power to merging an individuals. (Kyle, p. 173)

My definition for week 2 and 3 seems similar but from the different readings, my knowledge had improved in depth since i learned that in order to become a great leader, there are many approach to unlock to become a successful leader. For example, the reading from Kyle, D. T. (1998) ("The sovereign: The power of presence") he talks about the six characteristic of presences and how he quoted that each of them were very hard to obtain but with deep passion into working on individual presence, He believes that many leaders can achieve it. This section of the reading was very valuable since I thought about my leadership skills and how I can use that six presence to improve my leadership future on. Just like the experiences (stories) that he wrote towards the each of the presences in ways that i felt connected to each of them because of my past experiences. I guess the only thing that really bothered me were the message he was giving it too since he used a lot of "He".

Kyle, D. T. (1998). "The sovereign: The power of presence." The Four Powers of Leadership: Presence, intention, wisdom, compassion (pp. 159 - 191). Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications Inc.

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