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Police are investigating the death of a 71-year-old woman who was killed on Friday after being hit by a car, CBS reported.

Authorities believe a 32-year-old Brooklyn Park man was driving the car that killed the woman near University Avenue NE and 106th Avenue NE, CBS reported.

The driver told the authorities that he was driving southbound on University Avenue NE and returning to work when the incident occurred at 11:23 p.m. on Friday, CBS reported.

KSTP reported that authorities have not yet released the woman's name.

Currently, the accident is still under investigation. No charges have been made, KSTP reported.

Analysis: Man Appears at His Own Funeral in Brazil

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In the article "Man Appears at His Own Funeral in Brazil" from ABC News a lot of great attributions and quotes are used.

The author of this article really utilizes the quotes obtained to add more intensity to the story. For example, more power is added to the story through the use of a quote from Maria Menezes, an attendee of Araujo's wake and a family friend: "some people fainted and others were so scared they ran away. It was a big shock." The way the author uses this quote makes the story that much more shocking.

The author also uses a wide variety of attributions and quotations. For instance, there are numerous people quoted in the article. The author attributes Araujo's mother and sister-in-law and a police officer from the case. By attributing a wide variety of people, the author providers the readers with a more realistic and closer view of the article. It's a good way to make the readers feel more connected to the story and the people involved.

Since the article primarily consisted of attributions and quotations, I felt the author did a good job of covering the various views of those involved in the story. The only thing that I felt was missing from the article was a direct quote from Araujo, the man who appeared at his own funeral. I'm sure many readers are wondering what Araujo has to say about the situation. I think it would have made the story more powerful if the author had include a quote from Araujo and what his reaction was when he found out his family was having a funeral for him.

Overall, I felt the author of this article did a great job of attributing and using quotes to make the story have more of an impact on its audience.

A Brazil Man Shows up at His Own Funeral

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A Brazil man stunned relatives when he showed up for his own funeral on Monday at his mother's home in Alagoinhas, Brazil, ABC News reported.

The family of Gilberto Araujo, a 41-year-old car washer, received a call from police telling them to come to the city morgue to identify Araujo because he had been shot. Jose Marcos, Araujo's brother, was the one who identified the body as Araujo. He brought the body back for a wake at his mother's house, Travelers Today reported.

"The confusion started when news started circulating that a car washer had been shot dead," Jose Marco's wife, Ana Paula, told the UOL Internet news portal. "Police called my husband and told him that his brother had been killed and his body was at the morgue." Police inspector Roberto Lima said Genivaldo Santos Gama was the man whose body was in the morgue. "The two men closely resembled each other and both worked as car washers," Lima said, ABC News reported.

Lima said Araujo found out about the funeral being held for him when "a friend of Gilberto's saw him walking down the street and told him that his family was mourning him." When Araujo went to his funeral to inform everyone he was alive, people were extremely shocked to see him alive, ABC News reported.

After spending her time mourning, Araujo's mother, Marina Santana, is thrilled and relieved that her son is not dead. "I am overjoyed. What mother wouldn't be after being told her son is dead and then sees him alive," Santana said, according to the Associated Press, Travelers Today reported.

Lima was not able to provide any additional information on Gama, the car washer who was killed and whose body was mistaken for Araujo, ABC News reported.

More than 60 cats seized from a Duluth Home

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Animal-control workers discovered an extreme case of hoarding when they found and removed more than 60 cats and kittens from a Central Hillside home in Duluth, CBS Minnesota reported.

The Duluth News Tribune reported, when animal-control workers were investigating a problem with stray cats, they discovered a home hoarding cats. "We have been aware that there are a lot of stray cats in that neighborhood for a long time," Duluth Police Department's lead animal-control worker Carrie Lane said. "We were able to pinpoint where they were at. This man is someone who has been caring for a multitude of stray cats in the area. He would let some of them in and out of his house; it just got really out of control."

Animal Allies Human Society is trying to make room for all the cats taken out of the hoarder's home. However, to do this they need people to adopt cats from their Duluth and Superior shelters to make enough room for the other cats, the Duluth News Tribune reported.

"We are still working on the details of it," Duluth Police Department's lead animal-control worker Carrie Lane said. "We have gotten 63 cats out of the house." Lane said the majority of the cats are in good shape and aren't having any issues being held, the Duluth News Tribune reported.

"As is very common with hoarders, I think he has been neglecting himself to take care of the cats," Lane said. "We are working to determine whether or not this person can care for himself," the Duluth News Tribune reported.

The Duluth Animal Shelter says the hoarded cats were discovered in a home that was severely damaged in the floods. Police aren't planning to press any neglect or hoarding charges against the man who was hoarding the cats in his home, the Duluth News Tribune reported.

Update: Animal Allies said 50 of the cats have found homes as of Wednesday night, CBS Minnesota reported.

Surfer killed in California Shark Attack

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A shark attack off the coast of Surf Beach in Lompoc killed a 38-year-old man on Tuesday who was surfing at the Air Force Base beach, USA Today reported.

Francisco Javier Solorio Jr., an experienced surfer from Orcutt, California, was surfing with a friend when he was bitten by a shark in his upper torso. "His friend ended up swimming over and pulling him from the water where he received first aid," said sheriff's Sgt. Mark A. Williams. Solorio was pronounced dead at the scene. Details of his death and the type of shark involved were under investigation, ABC News reported.

Although Solorio was at the Air Force Base Beach, which allows public access to some of its beaches, he is said not to be connected with the base. As a precaution, all beaches on the base's coastline will be closed for at least 72 hours, said Col. Nina Armagno, ABC News reported.

"We've had shark sightings up and down the Santa Barbara coastline pretty frequently," said Lt. Erik Raney. Last month, a surfer spotted a 14-foot great white shark about 65 miles southeast of Surf Beach prompting Santa Barbara Harbor to post warning signs, ABC News reported.

According to the Pew Environment Group, on average 65 shark attacks occur worldwide annually; of those attacks generally only two or three result in death, USA Today reported.

A Minnesota woman has been charged with providing her 12-year-old daughter with heroin frequently enough that the girl was hospitalized for withdrawal, MyFox9 reported.

Over the last several weeks, Rebecca Rachelle Hill, a 37-year-old mom from Maple Grove, Minnesota, allegedly smoked heroin and marijuana up to three times a day with her daughter. Police said that Hill defended her actions by saying that her daughter likes to do the same things she does. She told police she didn't want her daughter to suffer withdrawal symptoms, so she kept on supplying her with heroin, MyFox9 reported.

Hill gave Bloomington police a false name when she was arrested with her daughter at Macy's for shoplifting. The next day, the girl's father called police and told them that his daughter said that her mother had been giving her heroin and marijuana. He told police that the girl seemed to be in withdrawal. She was taken to the University of Minnesota's Amplatz Children's Hospital in Minneapolis where medical records showed that she had heroin and marijuana in her system, the StarTribune reported.

The girl told police that October 13 was the last day she used the drug. She also claimed that her mother and her were homeless and that they would occasionally sleep in their stolen vehicle. In a court appearance on Monday, Hill repeatedly tried to speak directly to the judge. "I have not had any priors," she said regarding her clean criminal record, the StarTribune reported.

Hans Larson, Assistant Hennepin County Attorney, is asking that Hill's bail be set at $100,000 because of the severity of the case and "for the very serious allegations in this complaint." Hill is scheduled to appear in court on November 19, the StarTribune reported.

Hill is being charged with felony child endangerment, second-degree sale of controlled substance, and a motor vehicle theft. She is also being charged with a misdemeanor after providing the police with a false name. The girl remains at the University of Minnesota's Amplatz Children's Hospital getting treatment for heroin withdrawal, MyFox9 reported.

An 8-year-old girl in New Sewickley Township, Pennsylvania was shot by her cousin who mistook her costume for a skunk on Saturday night at a Halloween bonfire, ABC reported.
Police said that the girl was flown about 30 miles away to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital where she remains in critical condition after undergoing surgery, ABC News reported.

There were about two to three dozen guests at the party when the incident occurred. The girl playing on a hillside in her costume. Officer Greg Carney with the township police said that sometime after 8 p.m. the girl's relative mistook her in the distance as a skunk, CNN reported.

Police said that Janet Grant, the home's owner who thought the girl was a skunk, told her son, Thomas Grant, to shoot the animal. According to the statement, the son went inside to grab a shotgun. The son then fired his gun while his mother shined a flashlight at what they believed at the time was a skunk. The girl was struck in the shoulder and abdomen, ABC News reported.

"He is extremely devastated by the actions that took place," New Sewickley Township Chief of Police Ronald Leindecker told ABC's Pittsburgh affiliate WTAE. "It's a tragic incident that occurred. It's not something he dreamed would ever happen."

Police say that alcohol was not involved in the matter and that they have not yet determined if charges will be filed, CNN reported.

In the article, "Australian zoo keeper crushed by elephant 'stable'," by Yahoo! News the author does a good job of using attribution and quotes to make the story more meaningful.

For example, the author uses quotes from the zoo's director throughout the article. The author gets a quote from the director discussing the condition of Lucy Melo, the zookeeper who was crushed by the elephant: "We're all relieved to hear Lucy's condition remains stable and we're continuing to provide support for her family and her fellow keepers, while we continue our programs for the whole herd," the zoo's director said in the Yahoo! News article.

I think that by using these types of quotes in the article the author is able to establish a better connection with the readers because it's providing the readers with what they want to know and answering some of their questions. The readers want to know how Melo is doing, and they also want to know what's happening at the zoo since her accident. Therefore, I felt that the author was able to create a more meaningful article by including quotes from the director of the zoo where the incident happened.

Although the author did do a great job of establishing a relationship with the readers through the use of quotes from the zoo's director, I felt that more attributions could've been used in the article. For example, it would've been more effective to hear from Melo's colleagues regarding the incident or, in general, Melo as a person. I think this would have given the reader's more of an insight into who Melo is and what could have possibly led to this accident. I also think that providing the reader's with more personal information it tunes into their emotional side and makes them want to stay updated on the story.

Overall, I felt the author of the article did a good job of utilizing quotes from the zoo's director, but the story could have used more attributions.

A Chaska boy died Monday after one of his friends shot an arrow that struck the 16-year-old boy in the head on Saturday evening, MyFox9 reported.

While riding his bicycle, Spencer Lucas Paul Swanson was hit in the head by an arrow without a tip after his 16-year-old friend shot the arrow at the ground. However, the arrow that Swanson's friend shot at the ground rebounded and punctured an artery in Swanson's brain, MyFox9 reported.

Although there is an ongoing investigation regarding the shooting, the incident is being described as a "tragic accident," by Marsh Halberg, an attorney representing the family of the friend who shot the arrow, MyFox9 reported.

"They're still very distraught over this," said Halberg on Thursday about the friend and his family. Halberg also talked about how the boys had been best friends since they were six and that they only lived a street away from one another, the StarTribune reported.

Swanson was a junior at Integrated Arts Academy in Eastern Carver County Schools who dreamed of becoming a filmmaker. His mother described him as being an outgoing teen and a natural athlete. Swanson was on the Chaska and Chanhassen high schools' bowling team, the StarTribune reported.

"It's just sad, more than anything," Bob Topinka, Swanson's bowling team coach from the last two years said, "He was very respectful and always had a smile on his face. He was a great kid."

Swanson's mother has been receiving an overwhelming amount of support: "It's so incredible to me," Swanon's mother said, "I'm so proud of Spencer and the things he accomplished. I'm so proud to be his mother."

Swanson's funeral will be held at the Waterbrooke Fellowship Church in Victoria on Monday; a service will follow the visitation from 10 a.m. to noon, the StarTribune

Soda Industry Sues New York City over Sales Ban

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The American Beverage Association and others from the Soda Industry sued New York City on Friday to stop the city from trying to prevent the sales of super-sized, sugary drinks in most restaurants, CBS News reported.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg proposed the new regulation that involves restricting the sales of large, high-calorie, sugary drinks in many restaurant and dining locations throughout New York City. Mayor Bloomberg's plan not only led to legal action toward the new rules but also prompted a vigorous campaign; in the campaign Mayor Bloomberg's plan is portrayed as an insult to the freedom and independence of consumers, the New York Times reported.

Mayor Bloomberg thinks that New York City's rule is a good way to begin preventing obesity. The regulation would prevent restaurants, concession stands, fast-food chains, theaters, and cafeterias from distributing any high-calorie drink in a container that's larger than 16 ounces. The regulation was approved last month by the city Board of Health. The lawsuit is claiming that, "The unelected health board shouldn't be telling people how much soda to drink," CBS News reported.

"The Board of Health absolutely has the authority to regulate matters affecting health, and the obesity crisis killing nearly 6,000 New Yorkers a year - and impacting the lives of thousands more - unquestionable falls under its purview," Marc La Vorgna, Mayor Bloomberg's chief spokesman, wrote in a statement regarding the matter. La Vorgna also called the lawsuit "baseless," the New York Times reported.

"This case is not about obesity in New York City," the suit's plaintiffs wrote in their opening statements of the case, the New York Times reported. "This case is about the Board of Health, appointed by the mayor, bypassing the proper legislative process for governing the city."

CBS News reported that the plan for the new regulation is that it will become active sometime in March.

A zookeeper is now in stable condition and is recovering in Royal North Shore Hospital after being crushed by a young elephant at Sydney's Taronga Zoo on Friday.

The Zookeeper, 40-year-old Lucy Melo, was left unconscious and not breathing after being pinned to a post by a 2-year-old elephant. The incident happened around 11:30 a.m. on Friday at Targona Zoo while Melo was participating in a routine training activity with the 2-year-old elephant known as Pathi Harn. After being pinned to the post, Melo stopped breathing for five minutes until being revived, Yahoo! News reported.

Melo was freed from the elephant after two other zookeepers, who were close by at another stall, were able to get the elephant off of her. The two zookeepers then called for an ambulance, CNN reported.

"We're all relieved to hear Lucy's condition remains stable and we're continuing to provide support for her family and her fellow keepers, while we continue our programs for the whole herd," said Taronga's director Cameron Kerr. "The elephant keepers are caring for the herd and continuing the normal daily activities to support the elephants, including Pathi Harn." Yahoo! News also reported that Taronga said in a statement that, "The Zoo's elephant herd, including the young male calf Pathi Harn, 2, which was involved in yesterday's incident, is calm and well and in the elephant paddock as usual."

Melo had cared for the elephant, Pathi Harn, since he was born. Pathi Harn is an Asian elephant who was expected to be dead until his mother gave birth to him after being in labor with him for eight days; On March 10, 2010 Pathi Harn was eventually born alive and well. On the zoo's website, Pathi Harn is described as a "very happy calf who is always looking for attention," CNN reported.

At the time of the accident the zoo, a harbourside institution that is very popular among tourists, had been opened to the public. Taronga is embarking on an investigation regarding the accident that happened at the zoo on Friday; however it is still uncertain why the elephant turned on Melo during a routine training session, Yahoo! News reported.

A St. Paul Dad Sentenced for Assaulting Hockey Coach

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A St. Paul father was sentenced to six months in jail after he assaulted his son's hockey coach.

The father, Thomas Angelo Tonda, attacked Terry Johnson, youth hockey coach, in December of 2011 at an arena in Inver Grove Heights. Tonda's son and other 11 and 12-year-olds were playing at a peewee hockey practice when Tonda's son began complaining and getting angry about not getting enough skating time, the StarTribune

The attack happened after Johnson broke up a fight between Tonda's son and another player during practice. Tonda's son had been using his hockey stick as a baseball bat while fighting the other player. Johnson stopped the fight and reprimanded the boys; Tonda became angry at Johnson after he stopped the players from fighting, so he yelled at Johnson and choked him until he started to black out while, Kare11 reported.

"I'm going to kill you. I'm going to [expletive] choke you out," is what Tonda allegedly said to Johnson. Another coach who freed Johnson from Tonda's choke hold claims that Tonda was threatening to kill Johnson. Although Johnson was not hospitalized from the attack, he did suffer from neck pain that caused him to miss more than a month of work. Johnson said that prior to this incident, he had never had any issues with Tonda or his son, the StarTribune

"Assaulting and threatening a youth athletics coach in this manner is extremely disturbing behavior," said Jack Backstrom, a Dakota County Attorney, in a written statement. "We are pleased to have brought Thomas Tonda to justice for his criminal conduct." It's possibly that Tonda could end up serving a 21 month sentence if he violates the conditions of his 5-year parole, Kare11 reported.

A new study found that girls who are vaccinated with shots that protect them from getting cervical cancer are not found to be more sexually active than unvaccinated girls, CBS News reported.

The study, which was published on Monday in the journal "Pediatrics," examined medical records from 2006 to 2007 that contained the records of about 1,400 11-year-old and 12-year-old girls; 500 of the girls had received the vaccine while 900 of them had not received it, The Huffington Post reported.

Over the next three years the researchers proceeded to keep tabs on the girls sexual activity by examining their records over the next three years. The investigation involved continuously checking on the girls medical records to see if any of them had become pregnant, had tests done to determine if they were pregnant, or had tests done for sexually transmitted diseases, CBS News reported.

Many parents are worried that by allowing their daughter to receive the shot that she will become sexually active. However, Robert Bednarzyk, the study's co-author and a clinical investigator, told The Huffington Postthat the study displayed no variation of sexual activity between vaccinated and unvaccinated girls.

HPV is the primary cause in cervical cancer, and it has also been associated with causing both oral and anal cancers in women and men. It's advised by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics that both girls and boys receive the HPV shot before they have sex; they should be given the shot, which is generally three shots during a six month period, around age 11 or 12, CBS News reported.

Analysis: 4th Meningitis Case Confirmed in Minnesota

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In the article, "4th Meningitis Case Confirmed in Minnesota," from MyFox9, the author emphasizes the affects of a nationwide outbreak of meningitis.

The author organized the story into several short, small paragraphs containing important information on the impact that the meningitis outbreak has had on Minnesotans. It appears as though the author relied on three sources for the story. The first source the author uses is in the article is Dr. John Jernigan, "a medical epidemiologist at the CDC leading the clinical investigation team for the outbreak response." He uses Jernigan as a source for information about meningitis as a fungus and an infection.

The Second source that the author cites is actually Fox9 News. This source was used when the author talked about how Fox9 News interviewed the family of a woman who is waiting to find out if she has meningitis, but has already filed a federal lawsuit over the issue. The third source that the author used wasn't directly cited in the article, however, under the article in italics it says, "Information from the Associated Press was used in this report." Therefore, the author also got some information for the story from the Associated Press.

I felt like the author's use of sources were more scattered than clustered, however, the author neither included a lot of sources nor attributions in the article. I felt like the article was pretty short, so the author didn't necessarily need to use a lot of sources. Nonetheless, I think that had the author chosen to use more sources and maybe include some direct quotes then the article would have been a little more influential and effective to the readers.

Florida Man Finds Giant Eyeball on Beach

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A Florida man was walking along Pompano Beach when he came across a very large and mysterious eyeball.

Gino Covacci, who regularly walks along Pompano Beach looking for shells or other things that wash up along the shore, came across an eyeball the size of a softball during his stroll on Wednesday, CNN reported. While strolling down the southeastern Florida beach, Covacci spotted the eyeball partially covered in sand along the shore.

ABC News reported that Covacci brought the large, blue eyeball to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission right after discovering. The Commission posted an image of the eyeball to its Facebook page, which has created a lot of talk about what sort of creature the eyeball could have come from. Some people are even speculating that the eyeball belongs to Bigfoot, USA Today reported.

Heather Bracken-Grissom, an assistant professor in the marine science program at Florida International University in Miami, has some possible idea of what the eyeball came from. Grissom and her colleagues believe that the eyeball most likely came from a large swordfish or a deep-sea squid, USA reported.

Covacci is convinced that the eyeball belongs to a squid: "It is a squid; it's not a fish," he said, CNN reported. Regardless, no one will know what sort of creature the eyeball belongs to until the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg finishes testing the big, mysterious eyeball.

Argentinian Prostitution Victim Allowed an Abortion

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A 32-year-old woman from Argentina, who was kidnapped and forced to work in a prostitution ring, was permitted an abortion by the Supreme Court.

On her 10th week of pregnancy, the Argentinian woman was finally allowed to go through with an abortion after people protested and debated over her case for days,BBC News reported. The woman, a victim of rape after being forced to work as a prostitute, was originally denied an abortion by a judge.CBS News reported that the judge claimed that there was no evidence supporting that the woman had in fact been a victim of rape.

Generally, abortion is allowed in cases of rape or the mother's safety, however, the judge did not believe that the woman had been raped, so the operation was denied. This led to outrage across Argentina especially from woman's advocates in Buenos Aires,CBS News reported.
However, the Supreme Court quickly over ruled the judge's decision and immediately approved the operation.

Although the woman was allowed the abortion, she still had to deal with the backlash of anti-abortion protestors. The woman's lawyer, Pablo Vicente, claimed that the hospital staff on the woman's case gave her personal information and private location to the anti-abortion protestors. This led to the protestors threatening and harassing the woman.CBS News reported.

BBC News reported that some of the doctors and nurses would not participate in performing the woman's operation because they did not want to be "conscientious objectors." Therefore, to ensure the safety of those involved, Argentina's Health MInistry stepped in to specify the matter; they stressed that anyone who participated in the operation would not be subjected to punishment and that they would be performing a legal procedure.

Despite all the controversy, the woman was able to proceed with her abortion on Friday morning.

Backlash over Stacey Dash's Support for Romney

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After tweeting her support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Stacey Dash created quite the media splash and backlash over her encouragement of Romney.

Stacey Dash is most popularly known for her part in the movie "Clueless" where she played Dionne Marie Davenport, Newsday reported. Currently, Dash is facing a large amount of criticism after a tweet she posted last Sunday. In the tweet Dash publicly declared her support for Romney and encouraged others to vote for him through a tweet that said, "Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future." After tweeting this is when Dash started to experience all the negativity from twitter users, CNN reported.

The criticism Dash has been receiving has been primarily based on the fact that Dash is an African American woman and that she should be voting for Obama and not Romney. According to CNN, in the 2008 presidential election, Dash states that she did vote for Obama. However, she went on to say, "I don't vote because of race or skin color... at that time he was the best candidate, It's different this time." Nonetheless, social media users are still angered and confused by Dash's chose both because she's African American but also because she's a woman.

In general, there is still a lot of backlash surrounding Dash's race and gender and what sort of influence those elements should have on her political stance. Although Dash has received primarily negative responses to her tweets, she has received support from Sandra Fluke, CNN reported. Fluke is a law student at Georgetown who became the talk of the media in February 2012 after she was denied by Republicans to speak about the importance of having insurance plans cover birth control at the House of Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Fluke tweeted about her frustration over the criticism surrounding Dash by writing, "So disappointed to see people attacking @REALStaceyDash for voicing her opinion. Disagree politically, but #racist attacks are unacceptable."

Shortly after all the backlash and the media storm, Dash tweeted, "My humble opinion... EVERYONE is entitled to one." Despite all the negativity Dash has received for publicly supporting Romney, she is maintaining her stance on the issue.

Minnesota's Fourth Meningitis Case

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After a Minnesotan woman in her 70s was admitted to the hospital with meningitis last week, it was confirmed that there are four meningitis cases in Minnesota.

So far, the 70-year-old woman, who is on anti-fungal drugs and antibiotics, is Minnesota's oldest meningitis patient, the Star Tribune Reported. The other three meningitis cases in Minnesota involved three women in their 40s, but two of the women's conditions seem to have improved since they have already been released from the hospital.

According to MyFox9, the meningitis outbreak has affected states across the nation; the outbreak is being contributed to steroids that were issued by a Massachusetts pharmacy. An investigation has been launched into the pharmacy, and all of its products have been recalled.

Although there are currently 200 confirmed meningitis cases nationwide, it is believed that thousands of people could be at risk. Currently, there have been 15 deaths as a result of the meningitis outbreak, MyFox9 reported.

Around 950 Minnesota patients were possibly treated with the steroids responsible for the outbreak, the Star Tribune reported. Therefore, with so many patients exposed to the drug, health officials expect to see much more than the four confirmed meningitis cases in Minnesota.

Student from the U of M Charged with hit-and-run in Uptown

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A University of Minnesota student has been arrested for a hit-and-run accident that happened on June 27 in Uptown, which resulted in serious injuries for the victim of the crash.

According to MyFox9 Matthew Call, 24, was left in the intersection of Lyndale Avenue S. and West 24th Street with two broken legs, a fractured pelvis, and a broken vertebrae after being hit by 19-year-old Tyler Braunschweig a little after 6 p.m. June 27. As Call was standing in the street and getting ready to get into his car, he was hit by Braunschweig's black Jeep Cherokee. The police were able to obtain video surveillance footage from the accident scene's neighborhood, which provided them with images of the driver; the footage plainly showed the suspect in his Jeep hit Call from behind then drive away.

Investigators were able to identify the suspect as Tyler Braunschweig after following various leads. They first received tips that the driver was a U of M student after images from the accident were published in news reports. These details helped the police identify the driver's passenger who was able to establish that the hit-and-run driver was Braunschweig. After hitting Call and driving away, the passenger told police that he had tried to get Braunschweig to return to the accident scene, KSTP reported.

MyFox9 reported that the insurance company sold Braunschweig's Jeep after his parents filed an insurance claim on the vehicle. However, the Investigators were able to find Braunschweig's Jeep after learning that the parents' insurance claim was filed about the same time that the hit-and-run occurred; in the insurance claim it alleged that the Jeep had hit a deer.

Braunschweig's is being charged with a felony of criminal vehicular operation for the June 27 hit-and-run accident; KSTP has established that, as of Thursday, Braunschweig's bail has been set for $75,000.

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