Analysis: 4th Meningitis Case Confirmed in Minnesota

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In the article, "4th Meningitis Case Confirmed in Minnesota," from MyFox9, the author emphasizes the affects of a nationwide outbreak of meningitis.

The author organized the story into several short, small paragraphs containing important information on the impact that the meningitis outbreak has had on Minnesotans. It appears as though the author relied on three sources for the story. The first source the author uses is in the article is Dr. John Jernigan, "a medical epidemiologist at the CDC leading the clinical investigation team for the outbreak response." He uses Jernigan as a source for information about meningitis as a fungus and an infection.

The Second source that the author cites is actually Fox9 News. This source was used when the author talked about how Fox9 News interviewed the family of a woman who is waiting to find out if she has meningitis, but has already filed a federal lawsuit over the issue. The third source that the author used wasn't directly cited in the article, however, under the article in italics it says, "Information from the Associated Press was used in this report." Therefore, the author also got some information for the story from the Associated Press.

I felt like the author's use of sources were more scattered than clustered, however, the author neither included a lot of sources nor attributions in the article. I felt like the article was pretty short, so the author didn't necessarily need to use a lot of sources. Nonetheless, I think that had the author chosen to use more sources and maybe include some direct quotes then the article would have been a little more influential and effective to the readers.

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You're doing a nice job generally. You want attribution throughout the story, including in the lede. Be sure you source everything you didn't report first-hand. GG

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