Analysis: Australian Zookeeper in Stable Condition after being Crushed by Elephant

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In the article, "Australian zoo keeper crushed by elephant 'stable'," by Yahoo! News the author does a good job of using attribution and quotes to make the story more meaningful.

For example, the author uses quotes from the zoo's director throughout the article. The author gets a quote from the director discussing the condition of Lucy Melo, the zookeeper who was crushed by the elephant: "We're all relieved to hear Lucy's condition remains stable and we're continuing to provide support for her family and her fellow keepers, while we continue our programs for the whole herd," the zoo's director said in the Yahoo! News article.

I think that by using these types of quotes in the article the author is able to establish a better connection with the readers because it's providing the readers with what they want to know and answering some of their questions. The readers want to know how Melo is doing, and they also want to know what's happening at the zoo since her accident. Therefore, I felt that the author was able to create a more meaningful article by including quotes from the director of the zoo where the incident happened.

Although the author did do a great job of establishing a relationship with the readers through the use of quotes from the zoo's director, I felt that more attributions could've been used in the article. For example, it would've been more effective to hear from Melo's colleagues regarding the incident or, in general, Melo as a person. I think this would have given the reader's more of an insight into who Melo is and what could have possibly led to this accident. I also think that providing the reader's with more personal information it tunes into their emotional side and makes them want to stay updated on the story.

Overall, I felt the author of the article did a good job of utilizing quotes from the zoo's director, but the story could have used more attributions.

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Solid job this week, Jessica. Most all of your stories you did a great job of linking to story sources. Your analysis was solid, but be sure to put suggested changes (more attribution needed, for instance)higher up in your body of work.

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