Argentinian Prostitution Victim Allowed an Abortion

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A 32-year-old woman from Argentina, who was kidnapped and forced to work in a prostitution ring, was permitted an abortion by the Supreme Court.

On her 10th week of pregnancy, the Argentinian woman was finally allowed to go through with an abortion after people protested and debated over her case for days,BBC News reported. The woman, a victim of rape after being forced to work as a prostitute, was originally denied an abortion by a judge.CBS News reported that the judge claimed that there was no evidence supporting that the woman had in fact been a victim of rape.

Generally, abortion is allowed in cases of rape or the mother's safety, however, the judge did not believe that the woman had been raped, so the operation was denied. This led to outrage across Argentina especially from woman's advocates in Buenos Aires,CBS News reported.
However, the Supreme Court quickly over ruled the judge's decision and immediately approved the operation.

Although the woman was allowed the abortion, she still had to deal with the backlash of anti-abortion protestors. The woman's lawyer, Pablo Vicente, claimed that the hospital staff on the woman's case gave her personal information and private location to the anti-abortion protestors. This led to the protestors threatening and harassing the woman.CBS News reported.

BBC News reported that some of the doctors and nurses would not participate in performing the woman's operation because they did not want to be "conscientious objectors." Therefore, to ensure the safety of those involved, Argentina's Health MInistry stepped in to specify the matter; they stressed that anyone who participated in the operation would not be subjected to punishment and that they would be performing a legal procedure.

Despite all the controversy, the woman was able to proceed with her abortion on Friday morning.

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