Florida Man Finds Giant Eyeball on Beach

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A Florida man was walking along Pompano Beach when he came across a very large and mysterious eyeball.

Gino Covacci, who regularly walks along Pompano Beach looking for shells or other things that wash up along the shore, came across an eyeball the size of a softball during his stroll on Wednesday, CNN reported. While strolling down the southeastern Florida beach, Covacci spotted the eyeball partially covered in sand along the shore.

ABC News reported that Covacci brought the large, blue eyeball to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission right after discovering. The Commission posted an image of the eyeball to its Facebook page, which has created a lot of talk about what sort of creature the eyeball could have come from. Some people are even speculating that the eyeball belongs to Bigfoot, USA Today reported.

Heather Bracken-Grissom, an assistant professor in the marine science program at Florida International University in Miami, has some possible idea of what the eyeball came from. Grissom and her colleagues believe that the eyeball most likely came from a large swordfish or a deep-sea squid, USA reported.

Covacci is convinced that the eyeball belongs to a squid: "It is a squid; it's not a fish," he said, CNN reported. Regardless, no one will know what sort of creature the eyeball belongs to until the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg finishes testing the big, mysterious eyeball.

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