Soda Industry Sues New York City over Sales Ban

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The American Beverage Association and others from the Soda Industry sued New York City on Friday to stop the city from trying to prevent the sales of super-sized, sugary drinks in most restaurants, CBS News reported.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg proposed the new regulation that involves restricting the sales of large, high-calorie, sugary drinks in many restaurant and dining locations throughout New York City. Mayor Bloomberg's plan not only led to legal action toward the new rules but also prompted a vigorous campaign; in the campaign Mayor Bloomberg's plan is portrayed as an insult to the freedom and independence of consumers, the New York Times reported.

Mayor Bloomberg thinks that New York City's rule is a good way to begin preventing obesity. The regulation would prevent restaurants, concession stands, fast-food chains, theaters, and cafeterias from distributing any high-calorie drink in a container that's larger than 16 ounces. The regulation was approved last month by the city Board of Health. The lawsuit is claiming that, "The unelected health board shouldn't be telling people how much soda to drink," CBS News reported.

"The Board of Health absolutely has the authority to regulate matters affecting health, and the obesity crisis killing nearly 6,000 New Yorkers a year - and impacting the lives of thousands more - unquestionable falls under its purview," Marc La Vorgna, Mayor Bloomberg's chief spokesman, wrote in a statement regarding the matter. La Vorgna also called the lawsuit "baseless," the New York Times reported.

"This case is not about obesity in New York City," the suit's plaintiffs wrote in their opening statements of the case, the New York Times reported. "This case is about the Board of Health, appointed by the mayor, bypassing the proper legislative process for governing the city."

CBS News reported that the plan for the new regulation is that it will become active sometime in March.

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