Heavy Storms in Britain Kill Two and Flood 800 Homes

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A heavy storm that hit parts of ENgland and Wales has left two people dead and more than 800 homes flooded, BBC News reported.

A 70-year-old man died during the storm after his car crashed into a swollen river in Cambridgeshire. On Saturday night, a 21-year-old woman was killed by a falling tree in Exeter. Furthermore, hundreds of homes have been flooded in Devon and Cornwall, the two areas that seemed to be among the spots that have been hit the worst. It has been confirmed by The Environment Agency that 816 homes have been flooded because of extreme rain, BBC News reported.

"Officials said the situation was stabilizing in southern England, but weather forecasters said persistent rain would continue in the north of England and Scotland on Sunday," Fox News reported.

David Cameron, the prime minister, has talked of "shocking scenes of flooding." Through a message on his twitter, Cameron also said the government "will help ensure everything is being done to help," BBC News reported.

Fox News reported that the Cameron has also pledged to make sure that all the flood victims get the help they need.

The BBC Weather Centre said, "further heavy rain is expected to affect Wales and south-western parts of England during Sunday afternoon and evening," BBC News reported.

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