US Student Recovering in Rome Hospital After being Stabbed by Best Friend

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Following a night of partying on Halloween, a US student is now recovering at a hospital in Rome after he was stabbed 25 times by his best friend, ABC News reported.

The victim is 19-year-old Fabio Malpeso from New Jersey who was partying at a Rome nightclub late Halloween night. He was at the club with his longtime friend from New Jersey 20-year-old Reid Alexander. Alexander allegedly stabbed Malpeso in the early morning sometime after they had returned to their apartment from their night of partying, ABC News

Schepis told police that he was on both ecstasy and alcohol the night of the stabbing. He claimed this was the first time he'd ever used drugs and that he has no memory of the events that followed his night of partying. Schepis told authorities that he doesn't remember going into Malpeso's room, where he was sleeping, and stabbing him, ABC News

Schepis' attorney Vincenzo Comi claims that Schepis is extremely upset over the situation: "Every time that his friend was named, Reid became profoundly upset and cried while apologizing for what he had done," he said, ABC News

"Reid is a good kid; he comes from a good family," Comi told NBC News. "Fabio and Reid were the best of friends. They were both in their second year of university but knew each other from before," said Comi. "Even their parents knew each other. This is another dramatic aspect of the whole tragedy. They were all friends," NBC News reported.

Authorities are saying the motive for the early Thursday attack are currently unclear. However, detectives suspect "drug- and alcohol-related delirium" might be a factor, NBC News reported.

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