Analysis: Missing Nevada Woman Paula Lane Survived on Snow, Tomatoes for Six Days

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In the ABC News article "Missing Nevada Woman Paula Lane Survived on Snow, Tomatoes for Six Days," the author includes some important attributions, but fails to include the attributions that the readers want.

The article is about Paula Lane; the Nevada woman who was stranded for nearly a week in a snowstorm, only to be found nearly a week later by her brother. Lane's boyfriend, Roderick Clifton died during his search for help. The article does a great job of including quotes from Linda Hathaway, Lane's older sister, but it she is the only family member attributed in the story.

Although the quotes from Hathaway are very important to the article, the story could have been more powerful with something from Lane's brother.

In fact, Lane's brother's name is not even included in the article. In other words, the story kind of leaves its readers with numerous questions and few answers. The article also does this by not including many details about Clifton or his family.

Overall, attributing Hathaway made the article more powerful and intriguing to its readers, but it could've been a better developed story with additional attributions from Lane's brother or another family member.

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