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A Nevada woman who was stranded in a snowstorm in the Sierra Nevada Moutnains for nearly a week was rescued by her brother while she was looking for help, NY Daily News reported.

Paula Lane, 46, and her boyfriend Roderick Clifton, 44, had been missing since Nov. 29. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that couple were headed home to Gardnerville, Nev. after visiting Clifton's relative in Sacramento County. They decided to pull off the highway and go off-roading in a remote region of Alpine County near Highway 88. The couple were reported missing Saturday when Lane did not show up to a planned dinner with her mother and could not be contacted by cellphone, NY Daily News reported.

Since the two didn't have any cell service, they could not call for help, and the police could not track them. Lane and Clifton stayed the first night in their car. Clifton left for help the following morning, the Chronicle reported. When Clifton did not return three days later, Lane left by herself in a last attempt to be rescued, NY Daily News reported.

Clifton's body was found Wednesday by searchers about a mile north of Burnside Lake in California's Alpine county. Police have yet to confirm how he died, but they don't believe foul play was involved, ABC News reported.

Lane was found crawling along Highway 88 Wednesday by her brother around 8:30 p.m., said Linda Hathaway, Lane's older sister. Hathaway said her brother searched the route that Lane would have taken home since her and Clifton regularly drove from Citrus Heights to Gardnerville, ABC News reported.

"It's been a rough haul, waiting all those days, trying to know if she'd made it or not," Hathaway said at a news conference Thursday at Carson Tahoe Regional Hospital, the Carson City, Nev., facility to which Lane was taken and treated for first-degree frostbite and malnourishment, ABC News reported.

Dr. Vijay Maiya, Lane's physician, said his patient had apparently found shelter by "hiding out in a hollow tree," in addition to eating the tomatoes they had with them. "She is medically stable. She's recovering nicely," Maiya said at the news conference, adding that 25 percent of Lane's recovery would be physical and 75 percent would be "emotional," ABC News reported.

Maiya plans to keep Lane at the hospital through the weekend, so he can continue to monitor her recovery, ABC News reported.

Jovan Belcher, a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, took his girlfriend's life and his own life on Saturday, police said, the StarTribune reported.

Belcher shot Kasandra Perkins, his 22-year-old girlfriend and the mother of his 3-month-old daughter, several times around eight in the morning at their home in a middle0class neighborhood, police spokesman Darin Snapp said, CNN reported.

Police said about 20 minutes after Perkins was shot, they got a call from Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs' home, about "a person who was in the parking lot, armed with a handgun." When the officers arrived at the stadium they saw a black man talking to several coaches and holding a gun to his head, Snapp said. "As the officers pulled up and began to park, that's when they heard the gunshot," CNN reported.

Officials told CNN affiliate KCTV that although Belcher was armed at the Stadium, he never pointed the gun at anyone and instead thanked the coaches for what they'd done for him, CNN reported.

"I am devastated and heart broken," wrote Jeff Allen, one of several Kansas City players who took to Twitter to express their grief and astonishment. "I'm sending prayers to everyone involved. Always show love and never be afraid to talk," CNN reported.

Kansas City police have not released a motive for the shooting of 22-year-old Kasandra M. Perkins, other than to say the couple had been arguing in recent days. They left behind a 3-month-old daughter, Zoey, who was being cared for by family, the StarTribune reported.

Two people died and more than 80 people were injured after nearly 140 vehicles collided in a pileup in Southeast Texas on Thursday, Yahoo! News reported.

The collision happened on Interstate 10 southwest of Beaumont, a Gulf Coast city about 8- miles east of Houston. The accident occurred around 8:45 a.m. on Thanksgiving during very foggy conditions, Yahoo! News reported.

The Texas Department of Public Safety told KFDM-TV that "a man and a woman were killed in a Chevy Suburban SUV crushed by a tractor trailer." Late Thursday night, Stephanie Davis, a DPS trooper, identified the man and woman killed in the collision as Debra Leggio, 60, and Vincent Leggio, 64, Yahoo! News reported.

Rob Carroll, a Texas deputy sheriff, is calling the collision a Thanksgiving Day nightmare. "It was overwhelming," Carroll, 46, told the Los Angeles Times on Friday. "It was extremely foggy. You couldn't see 10 feet around you in any direction. It was like some strange dream."

The DPS said a crash on the eastbound side of the highway led to other accidents in a danger chain reaction. There were multiple crashes on the other side of the highway as well, Yahoo! News reported.

Carroll said in his quarter-century of police work, he had never seen anything like the Thanksgiving Day massive pileup. "And I just hope to God it was a once-in-a-lifetime event," he said, the
Los Angeles Times reported.

After being close for more than eight hours, Interstate 10's eastbound lanes were reopened Thursday evening,
Los Angeles Times

Authorities said four people were killed during a parade for veterans in Texas on Thursday when a freight train crashed into the float, the New York Times reported.

Price Robinson, the Midland police chief, said the crash happened during the "Hunt for Heroes" event in West Texas around 4:30 p.m. Most of those who were injured seemed to be veterans or their spouses, Robinson said, the New York Times reported.

"The last flatbed truck in the parade was crossing tracks when an eastbound train slammed into it, said Ryan Stout, Midland police spokesman. Authorities said it's unclear right now why the truck was on the tracks as the train was approaching the crossing, he said. Army Sgt. Maj. Gary Stouffer, 37, and Army Sgt. Maj Lawrence Boivin, 47, were pronounced at the scene. Army Sgt. Joshua Michael, 34, and Army Sgt. Maj. William Lubbers, 43, died at Midland Memorial Hospital. CNN reported.

The train crew was not injured in the crash, and they will be offered counseling, said Tom Lange, a spokesman for the railroad. The train itself is still operational, he said, the New York Times reported.

On Friday the National Transportation Safety board will begin an investigation that will include review of video from a camera on the train, CNN reported.

A 16-year-old California girl stepped into a rattlesnakes' nest and was bitten six times on Oct. 27 while in a rural area outside San Diego, Reuters reported.

Vera Oliphant is alive after being given 24 vials of antivenom and spending four days in the intensive care unit of Sharp Grossmont Hospital, a hospital official said said. She was bitten by six rattlesnakes: an adult rattlesnake and five young ones, Yahoo! News reported.

Oliphant was trying to find a signal for her cell phone at her uncle's home in Jamul, so she could make a call. "I was trying to find a signal to call my mom and text my boyfriend," Oliphant said on Friday, a day after she was released from the hospital, Yahoo! News reported.

"I didn't see them until I already stepped on their nest and I felt them biting me," she said. "My vision started to go right away. First it looked like the snakes blended into the leaves and then I started seeing black spots around the edges and I started blacking out." After Oliphant made her way back to her uncle's home, he immediately rushed her to the emergency room, she said, Yahoo! News reported.

Although snakebites generally aren't considered to be fatal, each year in the United States there are quite a few people who do die from snake bites. There are even people who have died from rattlesnake bites. Oliphant has recovered and will be returning to classes at Chaparral High School in El Cajon on Monday, Reuters reported.

A 2-year-old boy was killed at a Pittsburgh zoo when he fell 14 feet into an exhibit full of a pack of African painted dogs, MyFox reported.

The boy was at the Pittsburgh zoo with his mother and friends on Sunday when he fell the 14 feet off a deck into the dog exhibit. "It's not clear whether he died from the fall or the attack," said Tracy Gray of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, MyFox reported.

Visitors immediately alerted the zoo's staff after the boy fell into the exhibit. The zoo's staff members and the Pittsburgh police were able to get seven of the dogs to instantly retreat to a back building. "Three more eventually were drawn away from the boy, but the last dog wouldn't come into the building, and police had to shoot him," said Barbara Baker, the president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, reported MyFox.

The Seattle Times reported that the dogs who attacked the boy, "are about as big as medium-sized domestic dogs, 2 to 2 1/2 feet high and 37 to 80 pounds, according to the zoo. African wild dogs are also known as cape hunting dogs, spotted dogs, and painted wolves. They have large, rounded ears and dark brown circles around their eyes and are considered endangered."

Baker claimed this is the first time a visitor has died at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Neither the boy's nor his mother's name has been released. However, Authorities did say the mother is a 34-year-old woman from just outside Pittsburgh in Pleasant Hills, the Seattle Times reported.

Surfer killed in California Shark Attack

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A shark attack off the coast of Surf Beach in Lompoc killed a 38-year-old man on Tuesday who was surfing at the Air Force Base beach, USA Today reported.

Francisco Javier Solorio Jr., an experienced surfer from Orcutt, California, was surfing with a friend when he was bitten by a shark in his upper torso. "His friend ended up swimming over and pulling him from the water where he received first aid," said sheriff's Sgt. Mark A. Williams. Solorio was pronounced dead at the scene. Details of his death and the type of shark involved were under investigation, ABC News reported.

Although Solorio was at the Air Force Base Beach, which allows public access to some of its beaches, he is said not to be connected with the base. As a precaution, all beaches on the base's coastline will be closed for at least 72 hours, said Col. Nina Armagno, ABC News reported.

"We've had shark sightings up and down the Santa Barbara coastline pretty frequently," said Lt. Erik Raney. Last month, a surfer spotted a 14-foot great white shark about 65 miles southeast of Surf Beach prompting Santa Barbara Harbor to post warning signs, ABC News reported.

According to the Pew Environment Group, on average 65 shark attacks occur worldwide annually; of those attacks generally only two or three result in death, USA Today reported.

Soda Industry Sues New York City over Sales Ban

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The American Beverage Association and others from the Soda Industry sued New York City on Friday to stop the city from trying to prevent the sales of super-sized, sugary drinks in most restaurants, CBS News reported.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg proposed the new regulation that involves restricting the sales of large, high-calorie, sugary drinks in many restaurant and dining locations throughout New York City. Mayor Bloomberg's plan not only led to legal action toward the new rules but also prompted a vigorous campaign; in the campaign Mayor Bloomberg's plan is portrayed as an insult to the freedom and independence of consumers, the New York Times reported.

Mayor Bloomberg thinks that New York City's rule is a good way to begin preventing obesity. The regulation would prevent restaurants, concession stands, fast-food chains, theaters, and cafeterias from distributing any high-calorie drink in a container that's larger than 16 ounces. The regulation was approved last month by the city Board of Health. The lawsuit is claiming that, "The unelected health board shouldn't be telling people how much soda to drink," CBS News reported.

"The Board of Health absolutely has the authority to regulate matters affecting health, and the obesity crisis killing nearly 6,000 New Yorkers a year - and impacting the lives of thousands more - unquestionable falls under its purview," Marc La Vorgna, Mayor Bloomberg's chief spokesman, wrote in a statement regarding the matter. La Vorgna also called the lawsuit "baseless," the New York Times reported.

"This case is not about obesity in New York City," the suit's plaintiffs wrote in their opening statements of the case, the New York Times reported. "This case is about the Board of Health, appointed by the mayor, bypassing the proper legislative process for governing the city."

CBS News reported that the plan for the new regulation is that it will become active sometime in March.

Florida Man Finds Giant Eyeball on Beach

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A Florida man was walking along Pompano Beach when he came across a very large and mysterious eyeball.

Gino Covacci, who regularly walks along Pompano Beach looking for shells or other things that wash up along the shore, came across an eyeball the size of a softball during his stroll on Wednesday, CNN reported. While strolling down the southeastern Florida beach, Covacci spotted the eyeball partially covered in sand along the shore.

ABC News reported that Covacci brought the large, blue eyeball to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission right after discovering. The Commission posted an image of the eyeball to its Facebook page, which has created a lot of talk about what sort of creature the eyeball could have come from. Some people are even speculating that the eyeball belongs to Bigfoot, USA Today reported.

Heather Bracken-Grissom, an assistant professor in the marine science program at Florida International University in Miami, has some possible idea of what the eyeball came from. Grissom and her colleagues believe that the eyeball most likely came from a large swordfish or a deep-sea squid, USA reported.

Covacci is convinced that the eyeball belongs to a squid: "It is a squid; it's not a fish," he said, CNN reported. Regardless, no one will know what sort of creature the eyeball belongs to until the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg finishes testing the big, mysterious eyeball.

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