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Jenni Rivera, a Mexican-American Singer, is believed to be dead after the private jet she was flying in Sunday crashed, ABC News reported.

Gerado Ruiz Esparza, Mexico's Secretary of Communications and Transports, has confirmed that Rivera, 43, was one of seven passengers in the private jet that crashed on its way to Toluca International Airport. The Learjet 25 jet left the northern Mexican city of Monterrey at 3:15 a.m. local time on Sunday and fell off the radar 10 minutes after take-off. An official search for the Learjet began at sunrise when it did not arrive at the Toluca International Airport, located outside of Mexico City; the flight was scheduled to arrive at the airport at 4:40 a.m, ABC News reported.

The learjet was found in mountainous terrain in Nuevo Leon, just south of Monterrey. Authorities say there were no survivors, Los Angeles Times reported.

It is believed that there were five passengers and two pilots on the Learjet. Rivera's publicist, Arturo Rivera, and her makeup artist, Jacob Yebale, are believed to have been two of the five passengers on the flight. Jenni Rivera was flying to Toluca Sunday for the taping of a Mexican TV show, La Voz, ABC News reported.

Rivera was a popular recording artist and reality television star. She was best known for her interpretations of regional Mexican music, norteno and banda. She was one of NBCUniversal's biggest bilingual television stars, with a very popular reality show, "I Love Jenni," on cable channel Mun2, Los Angeles Times reported.

Nielsen SoundScan says Rivera has sold 1.2 million albums and 349,000 digital tracks in the United States. "She also had a syndicated weekly radio program and clothing and cosmetics lines -- all designed to appeal to U.S. Latinas. The ABC television network was developing a sitcom starring Rivera, tentatively titled "Jenni," about a strong-willed Latina single mother," Los Angeles Times reported.

Rivera had five children and a grandchild. Celebrity magazines said she was seeking a divorce from her second husband, former Major League Baseball player Esteban Loaiza, Los Angeles Times reported.

Carrie Underwood is set to star in NBC's "The Sound of Music as Maria von Trapp,Huffington Post

"Speaking for everyone at NBC, we couldn't be happier to have the gifted Carrie Underwood take up the mantle of the great Maria von Trapp," Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, said in a statement. "She was an iconic woman who will now be played by an iconic artist," Huffington Post reported.

The production will air sometime in 2013 close to the Holidays and will be produced by "Smash's" Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. The production will run for about three-hours, USA Today reported.

"We're thrilled to be presenting the Broadway version of 'The Sound of Music' live," Zadan and Meron, said in a statement. "And having Carrie Underwood as the star brings it to a new generation who will fall in love with it for the first time as many millions of people already have. It's a particular joy to us as producers to see this amazing artist stretch into new territory with this classic musical," Huffington Post reported.

"Underwood has sold more than 15 million albums since winning American Idol in 2005. She starred in her own holiday variety special in 2009 and made her film-acting debut 2011's Soul Surfer, following a guest TV role on How I Met Your Mother. She also as co-hosted The CMA Awards for the past five years," USA Today reported.

A former model on "The Price is Right" is receiving more than $7.7 million in punitive damages from the producers of the show for discriminating against her after she got pregnant, a jury determined on Wednesday, Yahoo! News reported.

Brandi Cochran, 41, was awarded nearly $777,000 in actual damages after the court determined the 'Price is Right' producers discriminated toward her. Cochran said after taking maternity leave, she tried to return to work on the show in early 2010 but was rejected, Yahoo! News reported.

"The jury agreed and determined that FremantleMedia North America and The Price is Right Productions owed her more than $8.5 million in all," Yahoo! News reported.

"I'm humbled. I'm shocked," Cochran said after hearing the jury's verdict. "I'm happy that justice was served today not only for women in the entertainment industry, but women in the workplace. FremantleMedia is standing by its initial statement, saying that after the appeal, it expects to be "fully vindicated," FoxNews reported.

Producers claimed that they were happy with the five models who were working on the show at the time that Cochran tried to return, FoxNews reported.

Cochran is not the only model to have sued "The Price is Right." Many other models who were on the series have sued not only the show but also Bob Barker, the show's host up until 2007 when he retired. Most of these cases were ended with out-of-court settlements, FoxNews reported.


After allegations that he had a relationship with a 16-year-old boy, the Elmo puppeteer of "Sesame Street" is taking a leave of absence from the well-liked show, Kare11 reported.

The charges against the puppeteer, 52-year-old Kevin Clash, were first made by the accuser, now 23-years-old, in June. Sesame Workshop says Clash denies the accusations made against him. Sesame Workshop released a statement on Monday saying "its investigation found the allegation of underage conduct to be unsubstantiated. But it said Clash exercised "poor judgment" and was disciplined for violating company policy regarding Internet usage. It offered no details," Kare11 reported.

"We took the allegation very seriously and took immediate action," Sesame Workshop said. "We met with the accuser twice and had repeated communications with him. We met with Kevin, who denied the accusation." Clash himself also publicly denied the accusations: "I had a relationship with (the accuser)," Clash told TMZ. "It was between two consenting adults and I am deeply saddened that he is trying to make it into something it was not," Yahoo! News reported.

"Sesame Street" is currently in production, said a person close to the show but is speaking under anonymity because he or she is not allowed to publicly discuss details of the show's production. There are other puppeteers ready to fill in for Clash while he's gone, and "Elmo will still be a part of the show being produced," that person said, Yahoo! News reported.

Clash has voiced and animated Elmo since 1984. Clash is credited for transforming Elmo's character and making him one of the most recognized faces on "Sesame Street," Yahoo! News reported.

It is unclear how long Clash will be on leave from the show. Sesame Workshop says Clash requested a leave of absence to "protect his reputation," Kare11 reported.

"Wizard of Oz" Dress Sells for $480,000 at Auction

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Someone paid $480,000 at an auction on Saturday for the blue and white gingham dress Judy Garland wore in "The Wizard of Oz," said Julien's Auctions, Yahoo! News reported.

The Judy Garland dress from the 1939 movie was made by MGM costume designer Adrian. It was just one of the many items of Hollywood history that was being auctioned off in Beverly Hills, California at the Julien's auction house, CNN reported.

Although the dress was sold at a high figure, its price was still below the amount of money paid last year for Hollywood costumes worn by Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. This year two of the auction's highest priced items were also Monroe's. A purple skirt Monroe wore while filming "River of No Return" in Canada sold for $50,000. And a gold blouse and matching Capri pants that were also traced back to Monroe were sold for $43,750, CNN reported.

"The 'Wizard of Oz' was responsible for another big seller during the two-day event. One auction winner shelled out $33,750 for a collection of studio and publicity images tied to the MGM film," reported CNN.

As of now it is unknown whether Garland's dress will be reunited with the ruby red slippers she wore in the film, CNN reported.

The buyer of the dress has yet to be identified, Yahoo! News reported.

In nearly the past decade, the amount of Americans classified as severely obese has gone up by 70 percent, Yahoo! News reported.

To be considered obese a person must have a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or higher; currently, more than one-third of American adults are considered obese. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of severely obese Americans went from four percent up to almost seven percent. A severely obese person is at least 100 pounds over weight, Yahoo! News reported.

In recent studies it was discovered that the nation's obesity rate of adults and kids that are moderately obese is possibly "leveling off." "Everybody's talking about obesity leveling off," said Roland Sturm, a senior economist at the non-profit research institute RAND corporation. "But what tends to get "lost" in the discussion is the fact that severe obesity - BMIs of 40 or higher - is still rising fast," Yahoo! News reported.

Sturm claims this is an important factor because those who are severely obese are the ones with the highest healthcare costs: "about double those of normal-weight Americans." Severely obese people are also at high risk of serious health conditions including diabetes, severe arthritis and heart disease, Chicago Tribune reported.

This growing problem is not only an issue for the cost of healthcare but also the human cost of living with obesity." There's the disability and inability to work. People may be basically forced into retirement because they can't work," Sturm
said. Overall, the rising percentage of the population that is severely obese is shocking, Chicago Tribune reported.

An 8-year-old girl in New Sewickley Township, Pennsylvania was shot by her cousin who mistook her costume for a skunk on Saturday night at a Halloween bonfire, ABC reported.
Police said that the girl was flown about 30 miles away to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital where she remains in critical condition after undergoing surgery, ABC News reported.

There were about two to three dozen guests at the party when the incident occurred. The girl playing on a hillside in her costume. Officer Greg Carney with the township police said that sometime after 8 p.m. the girl's relative mistook her in the distance as a skunk, CNN reported.

Police said that Janet Grant, the home's owner who thought the girl was a skunk, told her son, Thomas Grant, to shoot the animal. According to the statement, the son went inside to grab a shotgun. The son then fired his gun while his mother shined a flashlight at what they believed at the time was a skunk. The girl was struck in the shoulder and abdomen, ABC News reported.

"He is extremely devastated by the actions that took place," New Sewickley Township Chief of Police Ronald Leindecker told ABC's Pittsburgh affiliate WTAE. "It's a tragic incident that occurred. It's not something he dreamed would ever happen."

Police say that alcohol was not involved in the matter and that they have not yet determined if charges will be filed, CNN reported.

A new study found that girls who are vaccinated with shots that protect them from getting cervical cancer are not found to be more sexually active than unvaccinated girls, CBS News reported.

The study, which was published on Monday in the journal "Pediatrics," examined medical records from 2006 to 2007 that contained the records of about 1,400 11-year-old and 12-year-old girls; 500 of the girls had received the vaccine while 900 of them had not received it, The Huffington Post reported.

Over the next three years the researchers proceeded to keep tabs on the girls sexual activity by examining their records over the next three years. The investigation involved continuously checking on the girls medical records to see if any of them had become pregnant, had tests done to determine if they were pregnant, or had tests done for sexually transmitted diseases, CBS News reported.

Many parents are worried that by allowing their daughter to receive the shot that she will become sexually active. However, Robert Bednarzyk, the study's co-author and a clinical investigator, told The Huffington Postthat the study displayed no variation of sexual activity between vaccinated and unvaccinated girls.

HPV is the primary cause in cervical cancer, and it has also been associated with causing both oral and anal cancers in women and men. It's advised by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics that both girls and boys receive the HPV shot before they have sex; they should be given the shot, which is generally three shots during a six month period, around age 11 or 12, CBS News reported.

Backlash over Stacey Dash's Support for Romney

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After tweeting her support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Stacey Dash created quite the media splash and backlash over her encouragement of Romney.

Stacey Dash is most popularly known for her part in the movie "Clueless" where she played Dionne Marie Davenport, Newsday reported. Currently, Dash is facing a large amount of criticism after a tweet she posted last Sunday. In the tweet Dash publicly declared her support for Romney and encouraged others to vote for him through a tweet that said, "Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future." After tweeting this is when Dash started to experience all the negativity from twitter users, CNN reported.

The criticism Dash has been receiving has been primarily based on the fact that Dash is an African American woman and that she should be voting for Obama and not Romney. According to CNN, in the 2008 presidential election, Dash states that she did vote for Obama. However, she went on to say, "I don't vote because of race or skin color... at that time he was the best candidate, It's different this time." Nonetheless, social media users are still angered and confused by Dash's chose both because she's African American but also because she's a woman.

In general, there is still a lot of backlash surrounding Dash's race and gender and what sort of influence those elements should have on her political stance. Although Dash has received primarily negative responses to her tweets, she has received support from Sandra Fluke, CNN reported. Fluke is a law student at Georgetown who became the talk of the media in February 2012 after she was denied by Republicans to speak about the importance of having insurance plans cover birth control at the House of Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Fluke tweeted about her frustration over the criticism surrounding Dash by writing, "So disappointed to see people attacking @REALStaceyDash for voicing her opinion. Disagree politically, but #racist attacks are unacceptable."

Shortly after all the backlash and the media storm, Dash tweeted, "My humble opinion... EVERYONE is entitled to one." Despite all the negativity Dash has received for publicly supporting Romney, she is maintaining her stance on the issue.

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