Leadership Week 13!

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This week my definition of leadership comes from real life experience in our Social Change group project. The key word being patience... With my group of three there has been communication between two of us but not the third. The emails exchanged also have been difficult with people understanding what expect of each other. I think patience is key to leadership and key in this situation in order to make the group function and work together. We all need to understand each other's point of view and continue to stay calm and work well together in order to get the project done and done well.

Leadership Week 12!

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This week in our course readings, I found the that my defintion of leadership was shifted and had some new facts added. Empathy is much needed when it comes to leading a group of different cultures and ideas. It is needed for everyone to understand that people are different and situations are different in everyone's lives. Not everyone has to have the same beliefs in a team, but they do need to respect others ideas, beliefs, and religions, in order to have a successful team.

Leadership Week 11!

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This week my emerging definition of Leadership has continued to grow. Leadership is taking a group of people with different cultures, races, sexes, ages, etc. and forming a coalition that communicates and that acts as one voice. This is needed throughout any business or organization you work for/in.

Leadership Week 10!

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This week I learned that leadership is working together. Yes, this defenition is simple but in all honestly, I believe you should have the majority vote in most instances but I ALSO understand that in some instances an experts or authorities opinion matters most. This raises an interesting question when battling between controversies and concerns. Who gives the final say? Leadership comes in many forms and is very depending on the situation you are in. Work together and understand that sometimes someone specific has to take the reins and you can accomplish/get through anything.

Leadership Week 9!

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As I continue to build my view on leadership, I find that a worldwide perspective is important. If you see different views on how to train and guide people you have a much better understanding of how people function and interact with one another. Leadership means taking a group of diverse people and helping them relate and work together. I find a more "worldy" view can help you be a great leader in this sense.

Leadership Week 8!

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This week in leadership I found out that many times its about taking a step back and observing "from the balcony." This term means looking at the people around you and the situation you are in and looking from afar and seeing all perspectives. This is very important in order to make a decision that works best for everyone in the group. When leading you need to be able to step back and look at the big picture.

Leadership week 7!

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This week I learned that leadership comes in many different forms. Whether it be in the work place or home you can be a leader and draw others to find their passion. This week I learned that leadership needs communication. From the followers to the leader and from the leader to the followers. If you don't have communication you don't have anything. It is important to have honesty and trust as well. When working in a team you need to be able to share ideas and bounce off of each other!

Leadership Week 6!

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This week I wrote my first Leadership Journal. It was a great way to reflect back on who am I as a leader and how I got here. A believe that a leader ultimately "influences" and brings passion to other people in order to get something done. Without leaders, people wouldn't always find it in themselves to strive to be the best they can. They act as that "push" to make sure you are the best you can be! I am fortunate to have many people in my life that push me to succeed.

Leadership week 5!

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My definition of leadership is ever changing... After reading about how everyone has different values and strengths that shape our type of leadership I think mine is using my passion for projects to lead people. I am a very type A person and I know that when I put my heart into a project that fire rubs off on people and they get just as excited. Leadership is helping people accomplish something they wouldn't have and having that power is so important to encourage each other!

Leadership week 4!

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My definition of leadership is helping someone get to or achieve something they wouldn't have done on their own. It is being that extra push for them to reach their full potential. It also means that when you show leadership skills people around you will step up and show THEIR leadership skills.

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