Attributions analysis in story about FBI raids

The attributions in a Minnesota Daily story about FBI raids in six Minneapolis homes were carefully done.
The authors only used the word "said" when they attributed quotes or paraphrased, and they always placed the name of the speaker before the word "said."
The writers were also careful to use quotes only from the witnesses directly involved in the incident, and from an official- the FBI spokesperson.
All paragraphs that began with direct quotes had paragraphs preceding them which introduced the speaker, and complete, direct quotes almost always began new paragraphs, with one exception in paragraph 16.
I think that paragraph 16 could have possibly been summarized instead of quoted because the quote doesn't give life to the story, it is just background information. The authors may have chosen to use the quote, though, to break up several paragraphs in a row containing only background information and summaries.

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