New Mexico couple indicted on nuclear charge

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by Shannon Lee
A former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist and his wife were arrested Friday and charged with conspiring to pass nuclear arms secrets to the Venezuelan government.
Physicist P. Leonardo Mascheroni had a series of meetings with an undercover FBI agent in 2008, in which he said he could help Venezuela create a nuclear bomb within ten years, according to CNN.
The New York Times reports that an FBI raid on the Mascheronis' house last October uncovered cameras, computers and files, and that Dr. Mascheroni has long criticized the U.S. government's nuclear policies.
Both sources say that the Venezuelan government knew nothing of the Macheronis' plan, and U.S. officials have not accused the Venezuelan government of seeking nuclear information

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You are doing good work. Just try to write these entries without coming too close to the exact wording of the news stories. Keep working!

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