Spot and follows analysis of New York Times article

The first-day story of a New York Times article about violent antigay attacks opens with a hard news lead. It states that seven men were arrested in the Bronx in connection with the torture of two teenagers and a 30-year-old man they suspected were gay.
The second paragraph gives detail about when the arrests were made, the suspects ages, and the name that the group of friends called themselves. Starting at the third paragraph, the story unfolds chronologically, and includes quotes from the police chief.
The second-day story includes many of the same paragraphs as the first, but the length is roughly twice as long and doesn't use the hard news format that the first one does.
The lead begins with a description of the 30-year-old victim, and the first four paragraphs describe the torture he endured.
The article includes additional comments from neighbors, and mentions the incident in relation to other gay hate crimes that have been in the news recently.
The biggest difference in the second article is the style of reporting. It reads much more like a narrative story than the first article.
It also offers many more facts than the first, concluding with additional arrest information and reporting that one suspect has confessed and another was taken to the hospital for unknown reasons.

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