Structure analysis in story about Shot Spotter technology

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The Star Tribunes article about how Shot Spotter technology helped police locate suspects in a recent fatal shooting was structured a little differently compared to the hard news structure we've been learning in class.
The reader doesn't learn who was killed until the third paragraph, or who was arrested until the fifth paragraph.
The writers chose to focus on the Shot Spotter technology, and the first two paragraphs give brief information about what the technology is.
The introduction works, though, because the article is not so much about the homicide, but about how police were able to locate suspects.
Paragraphs four through eight contain police quotes, explaining how Shot Spotter was instrumental in their investigation, and details about who was arrested. These paragraphs serve as linking information to tie the crime into the story and illustrate why the technology is news. The paragraphs are somewhat interchangeable.
All of the following paragraphs, except for the last, don't mention the crime at all. The topic is broadened to give general information about Shot Spotter in Minneapolis: When it was installed, how many there are and where they are located. It is interesting information, but not essential to the story. The story could have ended after the eighth paragraph.
The last paragraph, however, is the kicker and jumps back to the homicide. I would consider this story as one written in the martini style, and it works well for the topic.

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I like the way you are staggering these entries. You will really catch on more quickly as a result of daily reading. GG

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