Brainerd woman ordered to pay for file sharing

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by Shannon Lee
A federal jury determined Jammie Thomas-Rasset, of Brainerd, had to pay $1.5 million for downloading and sharing 24 songs via the Internet.
This was Thomas-Rassets third trial in three years since recording companies filed a complaint against her in April 2006. Her attorney, Kiwi Camera, said he planned to appeal the decision on account of the penalty being unreasonable, the Wall Street Journal reported.
Camera acknowledged that although Thomas-Rasset may have illegally shared the songs, "that doesn't mean they can take her head and stick it up on a pole," the Star Tribune reported.
The Recording Industry Association of America tried to settle with Thomas-Rasset after the second trial for $25,000, but she refused. Cara Duckworth, spokeswoman for the RIAA, told the Star Tribune the company is thankful to the jury and they hope Thomas-Rasset "finally accepts responsibility for her actions."

1 Comment

Overall the story was very strong, but the lead led me to believe the story was about the federal jury. I would start with the person's name, or maybe even just say "a woman" and state her name in the second graph. The quote used from the Star Tribune was very helpful to the story and put the story in a better context.

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