Diversity Analysis

by Shannon Lee
A CNN article about a gay rights protest Monday moved beyond stereotypes and presented the issue as one that affects all people.
"I didn't notice any gay stereotypes as I was reading," said Graham, a gay master's student at San Francisco State University. "I'm most impressed by the picture and how different everyone in the group is -- two black women, an Asian man and a Caucasian priest. It shows that this is an issue that affects everyone -- all ages, races, religious beliefs, etc."
The reporter included neutral observations that described the nature of the protest held outside the White House. The article also presented some of the protesters' opinions by including quotes from them.
Even thought the article appropriately addressed gay rights issues without using stereotypes, Graham said that he thought it made a subtle jab at Obama.
"The journalist writes that other than this protest it was a 'relatively quiet day' for the President. It makes Obama look even worse for not taking the time to meet with these people on a slow political day. Also, in the last paragraph, it mentions that this is not the first time these people have attempted to reach Obama without him acknowledging them."

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