FDA put pressure on alcoholic energy drink makers

by Shannon Lee
The Food and Drug Administration warned beverage companies Wednesday that the alcoholic energy drinks they manufacture are dangerous substances.
The FDA told four companies that they had 15 days to stop selling the beverages.
FDA Commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg said the FDA decided caffeine was an illegal additive to alcoholic drinks because it masks the effects of alcohol, the Seattle Times reported.
Alcoholic energy drinks have been popular on college campuses, but have gotten negative press in recent months. One student died and others were rushed to the hospital after drinking caffeinated alcoholic beverages.
Critics argue that a ban on the drinks goes too far and that people should be allowed to make their own decision on whether or not to purchase them. Some also feel that a ban will just make the drinks more alluring and motivate people to make them on their own, reported the Washington Post.
The drinks are already banned in four states, and one manufacturer, Phusion Projects, said it would stop putting caffeine in its drinks.

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