Census population estimates vary

by Shannon Lee
The U.S. population is somewhere between 306 million and 313 million, according to Monday's Census Bureau estimates. The exact number will depend on how demographers decide to count immigrants.
The official count will be released at the end of December and is expected to be about 308 million, according to the Washington Post.
When the official number is released, it will be used to reapportion seats in the House of Representatives. Depending on the official count, Texas and Florida could potentially gain seats, while Ohio and New York could each lose two seats, reported USA Today.
In 2000, the official population count was 281 million.
The recession and crackdowns on illegal immigration have made it more difficult to estimate the number of immigrants, particularly among the Hispanic population, reported USA Today.
Kenneth Johnson, demographer at the University or New Hampshire's Carsey Institute, told USA Today that Hispanics under 20 years old account for all increases in youth population since 2000. They have gained 5 to 8 percentage points and make up at least 22 percent of all people under the age of 20.

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