*Below are each of the course projects explained in greater detail. We will discuss each of these in class at length during their introduction.

Project #1 - Personal Historical Re-enactment

Think of a memorable event in your personal life.
Construct a collage image inspired by that memory, using a combination of appropriated material and new photographs or drawings. You may attempt to re-enact scenes and photograph them, but don't use any photographs that were taken at the time of the event in question.

You don't have to literally illustrate the memory -- be as creative as you want in how you interpret the connection.

When your image is finished, please drop a copy of the PSD file in the folder labelled SKETCH-2 on the server. Also, save it for the web as a JPG and post it on the course blog with your name and a title. If the JPG is more than 550px wide, make sure to check the box that says "Use Thumbnail" and set the width to 550.

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