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Overview of Chapter 10: Human Development

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Human Development Through Life Span

Basically, chapter 10 covers development psychology, the study of how a person's behavior changes over his/her life span. The changes are not only including physical changes but also psychological changes. Interestingly, in the chapter 10, it is mentioned that early life experiences usually powerfully affect to human development, especially mentally and psychologically. In addition, I found an interesting video on YouTube. This video briefly talks about early input from the outside world causes a significant impact on brain development. Here is the video.

Human Development Through Life Span

From my personal experience, I have seen various level of English speaking skill depending on when students come to America for study abroad. Some of my friends who started learning English from a middle school have much better English speaking skill compared to people who started it from a college, even though both group spent similar amount time to learn English. This fact shows how early input significantly impacts on brain development in terms of people's learning process.


I am very curious about how early experiences affect brain development and it is very interesting question to share with everyone. I was doing a brief research on this topic and I found one interesting article about how brain development in an early age differs from in an adult.

The Influence of Early Experience

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