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Big Exam Day in South Korea

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The day of a college entrance exam, College Scholastic Ability Test, is the most important date in the year for seniors at high school and their parents in South Korea.

For this year, Nov., 13 is the big day and on the day, the whole society tried to ensure all students could arrive on the test time by delaying usual work time and increasing public transportaions, according to the CNN.

The CNN introduced the tradition that yonger students gathered in school gates to support seniors who took the exam in the mornig of exam day.

Not only younger students, but also parents of test-takers supported them by praying at churches and temples, according to the Reuters.

Kwon Jeong-hee, who is one of prayer participated in prayer meeting for parents of CSAT exam takers at Jogyesa Buddhist temple in Seoul, told to the Reuters that she has been pressured and stress due to obsession that her son has to go a good college and for praying that, she has not allowed strangers to come her house because superstitions against strangers.

"In South Korea, the reality is most student have lived for this very day," said a teacher from Paihwa Girl's High School. "The fact that everything is decided on this one day can place an immense amount of pressure on them." according to the CNN.

Bullet at University Residence Hall

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A bullet was found at Comstock Hall which is one of University of Minnesota's residence halls on Nov., 15.

A stray bullet broke a window at the residence hall but no one was harmed, according to the Minnesota Daily.

A university studnet was woken up due to a noise around 4 a.m., and the student found a hole in the south window of dorm room, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Deputy chief of the Univeristy Police Department, Chuck Miner, told to the Star Tribune that the bullet was fired from far distance and it was not targeted someone or residence hall.

The Minnesota Daily reported that University police announced the bullet broke two panels of glass and the investigation is on progess.

Protest Against Well Fargo

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About 50 Minneapolis took to the street to protest against Wells Fargo's new policies on the University of Minnesota campus Nov., 8.

Most of them were from the group, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, and they have been refuged to meet Wells Fargo executives to discuss the issues, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Kevin Whelan who is a spokesman for Minnesotans for a Fair Economy told to the Minnesota Daily that they want to meet the CEO and discuss about bank's new policies and damage that the bank has done to the community.

Kira Downey from protesters is a 17-year-old University of Minnesota student and she told to the Star Tribune that she had to reduce one course at the school because she had to get a job and this situation was rooted from her parent's financial problems. According to the Star Tribune, Downey's parents have struggled from $240,000 mortgage and her house has been scheduled for a sheriff's sale on Nov., 22.

Although protesters were gathered for two hours in front of the McNamara Alumni Center where Wells Fargo CEO's speech held with picketing, they were not able to talk him, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Korean Wave in The City of New York

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SM Entertainment, one of biggest comapanies that specialize making teenage idols in South Korea, hosted SM Town Live in Madison Square Garden on Oct., 23.

The show in New York City followed by Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul and brought out biggest Korean pop stars, such as BoA, Kangta, Girls' Generation, f(x), SHINee, Super Junior and TVXQ, according to the

Among many Korean pos stars, the relative newcomer SHINee who were powered by Dr. Martens boots and hair mousse were enough to impress American fans, according to the New York Times.

The young female groups, especially Girls' Generations who represent the latest Korean pop's trend, reflected that female groups are more sexualized than male groups in South Korea, according to the New York Times.

During the show, the songs and performance reminded of American pop stars and it was enough to show American influence on Korean pop, according to the New York Times.

Demonstration Against The Military Rule in Egypt

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Sine the big demostration against the government in last February, about fifty thousand crowd have united for antigovernment demonstration again on Friday in Cairo, Egypt.

Protesters were gathered becaused of a constitutional draft document that could allow the military to remain its authority and power after a new civilian government is established, according to the BBC.

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to protesters and some protesters defied the police by throwing rocks and setting fire to police vehicles, according to the BBC.

The New York Times reported that protesters chanted calls for the overthrow of the military rule by shouting "Tantawi, we will step over you with a shoe!" Tantawi is a head of military council in Egypt, according to the New York Times.

"We made the revolution and we don't need a guardian to tell us how to write our constitution," Mohamed Abdel Azeem, a 40-year-old railroad worker form protesters, sadi to the New York Times.

"Down, down with military rule." protesters chanted and kept their demonstration in Cairo, according to the New York Times.

Higher Airfares during Holidays

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Due to economic depression, airline comapnies have cut many seats for the holidays which led to higher airfares for available seats.

Ticket prices for the holidays would be 6 percent to 12 percent higher than the same period in 2010, according to the Time Moneyland.

Not only the fewere estimated travelers during the holidays, but also an Obama administration proposal to incerase airline taxes led carriers to raised fares in this year, according to the Time Moneyland.

For the Thanksgiving travel period, the average domestic airfare would be $368.16 which was increased 10 percent compared with last year and the average domestic airfare for the Christmans holiday season, the price would be $413.89 which is 9 percent increased, accoridng to the Houston Chronicle.

Bryan Saltzburg, general manager of TripAdvisor Flight, suggested that being flexible and on the holiday travel time by avoiding the the peak period to save money or get a cheaper ticket, accoridng to the Houston Chronicle.

Housing Price Still Going Down In Minnesota

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Housing Prices is declining in local home market and the Twin Cities area's home sales market is still under a sluggish market as well.

Finance and Commerce reported that the overal median sales price dropped 9.4 percent from a year ago which is $155,000, based on the latest market statistics from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realotrs for October.

While the prices and sales were down, the pending sales were up 34.6 percent in October caompared with the same month in last year, 2010, according to the Finance and Commerce.

However, the meidan prices for lender-owned foreclosures dropped to $100,500 which is a drop of 11.8 percent comapred with the price in the same period in 2010, according to the Finance and Commerce.

Minnesota Daily also reported that foreclosure sales in Minnestoa for previous 3 months dropped 32 percent from the same period in 2010.

Compared with 2008 when about 3,000 homes were foreclosed in Minneapolis, a 33 percent declined from the peak year of home foreclosures, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Cedar Towing and Auction Is Under Police Investigation

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Cedar Towing and Auction, the largest towing company in Minneapolis, is under a police investigation on illegal and overcharging customers.

The Hennepin County received information that the towing company might charge storage fees for the first 24 housrs which againsts the law, according to the KSTP TV.

The police department found paperwork which shows more than 3,600 vehicles since January 2011, and if the company charged the storage fees illegally, the towing company might earn more than $ 98,000 from customers, accoridng to the KSTP TV.

The Star Tribune reported that the towing company's alleged overcharges could amount to $100,000 this year alone, according to a court document.

The police investigation on Cedar Towing and Auction is not the first time. The company paid $1,341 in 2008 as fines after Tuffs issued 12 citations for failing to fill out tow-authorization froms and 12 citations for leaving towed vehicles at unsecured sites, accoridng to the Star Tribune.

China's Imports will Increase Dramatically in 5 years

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China's imports have been increased recently, while growth of exports has been continued modertate.

This trend reflected China's economic policy which has been focusing on expanding China's domestic demand and Chinese President Hu Jintao announced that China's total imports would exceed $ 8 trillion in five years last Friday, according to the Bloomberg Businessweek.

In addition, Hu emphasized that there should be less restriction between The U.S. and China trade to ease the trade imbalance, according to the Bloomberg Businessweek.

China's imports rose 28.7 percent in October, compared with a year ago, while the growth of export was moderate which was rising 15.9 percent from a year ago, according to the New York Times.

Zhang Yansheng, director of the Institute for International Economics Researche of the National Development and Reform Commission told to the New York Times that the moderation in economic growth reflected the risk of trad-protection measures in Europe and the United States.

China's exports to Europe decreased 7.5 percent from 9.8 percent in September and exports to the United States increased 11 percent from 10 percent in previous few months, accoridng to the New York Times.

Disney Reports Shiny Results of the Quarter

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Disney's net income for the quarter has increased 30 percent from last year and reached $1.1 billion.

Disney which is the "happiest place on earth" increased its revenues 7 percent and net icome was up 21 percent, according to the CNNMoney.

CNNMoney pointed out that Disney's growth might be driven by company's consumer products, theme parks and resorts segments as well as by cable networks, such as sports channel ESPN and the Disney Channel.

The media networks including ESPN and the ABC broadcast network posted a 9 percent gain in revune to $ 4.8 billion, according to the Reuters.

The theme parks and resorts group reported an 11 percent revenue gain to $ 3.1 billion and comapring with other DIsney's businesses, the studio and entertainment division was the only disappointing result in this quarter, with revenue aliding 8 percent to under $ 1.46 billion, according to the Reuters.

Sir Alex Ferguson who is one of the most famous football managers in the world celebrated his 25 years at the Old Trafford, Nov., 5, Saturday.

Since Ferguson has been a manager of Manchester United in1986, the Scottish manager has won 12 league titles and 2 European cups, according to the Guardian.

David Gill, chief executive of the football club, told to the that Ferguson's contribution to the club has been "immense" and "truly remarkable."

Gill described the manager as "the most successful manager in British football history.", according to the

The Guardian pointed out that Ferguson has always impressed by the strong man in history and this reflects his leadership, for instance, Alex Ferguson has not allowed democracy in the dressimg room, even for David Beckham. Based on strong charisma Ferguson controlled his players completely in every game.

Alex Ferguson has movec to Manchester from Aberdeen in 1986, according to the

Global Warming Message from The Famed Minnesota Explorer

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A famous Minnosota explorer, Will Steger who is well known as a polar explorer and authority for the Polar regions tried to make Minnesota a leading state for fighting against global warming.

Steger told to the Star Tribune that there are still many people not believing the global warming is happening.

Steger has organized several campaign based on his nonprofit foundation, Will Steger Foundation, to warn people that they have to aware the seriousness of the global warming, according to the Star Tribune.

Will Steger has used his experience and scientific data for his assertion to the crowd and he has tried to combine education and his adventure stories as a carrier of global warming message, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Also, Steger told to the Minnesota Daily that the government and media has been misleading the people facts about global warming.

Will Steger is best known for his 1989-1990 travers of Antractica by dogsled, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Since Rep. Michele Bachmann announced her run for president in June, she has stood alone on a big stage in the spotlight.

Rep. Bachmann told to the Minnesota Public Radio News that her life experience has shaped her political ideology.

Although Michele Bachmann was born in 1956 into a family of Norwegian Lutheran Democrats, she pointed out the day when the decision to be no longer Democrats as her philosophical turning point, according to the Star Tribune.

Rep. Michele Bachmann has hold a solid view about deregulation on taxes and social issues and she told to the Miinesota Public Raido News that her working experience at IRS tax attorney influenced on her view strongly.

Bahmann established herself as one of the most conservative Senators in Minnesota when she confronted banning same-sex marriage, according to the Star Tribune.

Although she described herself as "deep in the minority in Congress and new freshman", Bachmann's supporting has been rising since she declared her candidacy, according to the Minnesota Public Radio News.

Matty Alou who played for six major league teams dided in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republice at 72.

Alou suffered from several ailments and the cause of his death was complication of diabetes, according to the New York Times.

Alou was a career .307 hitter with 31 home runs, 1,777 hits and 236 doubles in his 15 major league seasons, according to The Huston Chronicle.

Not only Matty Alou alone, but also Matty Alou and his brother, Felipe Alou, appeared in the same outfiled for more than 5,000 games and made succesful major league careers, according to the New York Times.

Luis Manuel Bonetti, Leones President, told to The Huston Chronicle that Not only Leones, but also Dominican baseball lost one of symbolic individuals.

Matty Alou was born on Dec., 1938 in Bajos de Haina, Dominican Republic and Alou is survived by his wife, two sons and a daugther, according to the New York Times.

An American singer-songwriter and actress, May J. Blige who is well known as a winner of Grammy Awards in 2007, came back with her new album, My Life II : The Journey Continues.

Blige introduced her new album as "survival" to the Independent. Especially, she described one of songs in the new album, Lving Proof, is about her story which is realted to overcome her dark age when she suffered from drugs abuse and alcohol in early days of her career.

She was born in Bronx, New York in 1971 and grew up in Yonkers, New York, based on the Independent. Her father who was a Vietnam veteran suffering from flashback, died when she was five and her mother was always too busy to take care of Mary. Blige recalled her bad environment led to be agressive and low self-esteem in her early days.

Mary J. Blige felt lucky she could have been able to overcom her problems, unlike Amy Winehouse, according to the NME, the English music magazine.

Blige told to the NME that asking help to somebody is not the shame and guilt and this made her overcome her problems.

Mary J. Blige started new career, besieds singer and actress. She opened the Mary J Blige Centre for Women in Yonkers, New York and Blige has helped about 100 women to attend college, according to the Independent.

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