Big Exam Day in South Korea

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The day of a college entrance exam, College Scholastic Ability Test, is the most important date in the year for seniors at high school and their parents in South Korea.

For this year, Nov., 13 is the big day and on the day, the whole society tried to ensure all students could arrive on the test time by delaying usual work time and increasing public transportaions, according to the CNN.

The CNN introduced the tradition that yonger students gathered in school gates to support seniors who took the exam in the mornig of exam day.

Not only younger students, but also parents of test-takers supported them by praying at churches and temples, according to the Reuters.

Kwon Jeong-hee, who is one of prayer participated in prayer meeting for parents of CSAT exam takers at Jogyesa Buddhist temple in Seoul, told to the Reuters that she has been pressured and stress due to obsession that her son has to go a good college and for praying that, she has not allowed strangers to come her house because superstitions against strangers.

"In South Korea, the reality is most student have lived for this very day," said a teacher from Paihwa Girl's High School. "The fact that everything is decided on this one day can place an immense amount of pressure on them." according to the CNN.

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