Cedar Towing and Auction Is Under Police Investigation

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Cedar Towing and Auction, the largest towing company in Minneapolis, is under a police investigation on illegal and overcharging customers.

The Hennepin County received information that the towing company might charge storage fees for the first 24 housrs which againsts the law, according to the KSTP TV.

The police department found paperwork which shows more than 3,600 vehicles since January 2011, and if the company charged the storage fees illegally, the towing company might earn more than $ 98,000 from customers, accoridng to the KSTP TV.

The Star Tribune reported that the towing company's alleged overcharges could amount to $100,000 this year alone, according to a court document.

The police investigation on Cedar Towing and Auction is not the first time. The company paid $1,341 in 2008 as fines after Tuffs issued 12 citations for failing to fill out tow-authorization froms and 12 citations for leaving towed vehicles at unsecured sites, accoridng to the Star Tribune.

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