Protest Against Well Fargo

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About 50 Minneapolis took to the street to protest against Wells Fargo's new policies on the University of Minnesota campus Nov., 8.

Most of them were from the group, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, and they have been refuged to meet Wells Fargo executives to discuss the issues, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Kevin Whelan who is a spokesman for Minnesotans for a Fair Economy told to the Minnesota Daily that they want to meet the CEO and discuss about bank's new policies and damage that the bank has done to the community.

Kira Downey from protesters is a 17-year-old University of Minnesota student and she told to the Star Tribune that she had to reduce one course at the school because she had to get a job and this situation was rooted from her parent's financial problems. According to the Star Tribune, Downey's parents have struggled from $240,000 mortgage and her house has been scheduled for a sheriff's sale on Nov., 22.

Although protesters were gathered for two hours in front of the McNamara Alumni Center where Wells Fargo CEO's speech held with picketing, they were not able to talk him, according to the Minnesota Daily.

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