Rep. Michele Bachmann as a conservative Senator and president candidate

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Since Rep. Michele Bachmann announced her run for president in June, she has stood alone on a big stage in the spotlight.

Rep. Bachmann told to the Minnesota Public Radio News that her life experience has shaped her political ideology.

Although Michele Bachmann was born in 1956 into a family of Norwegian Lutheran Democrats, she pointed out the day when the decision to be no longer Democrats as her philosophical turning point, according to the Star Tribune.

Rep. Michele Bachmann has hold a solid view about deregulation on taxes and social issues and she told to the Miinesota Public Raido News that her working experience at IRS tax attorney influenced on her view strongly.

Bahmann established herself as one of the most conservative Senators in Minnesota when she confronted banning same-sex marriage, according to the Star Tribune.

Although she described herself as "deep in the minority in Congress and new freshman", Bachmann's supporting has been rising since she declared her candidacy, according to the Minnesota Public Radio News.

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