Global Warming Message from The Famed Minnesota Explorer

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A famous Minnosota explorer, Will Steger who is well known as a polar explorer and authority for the Polar regions tried to make Minnesota a leading state for fighting against global warming.

Steger told to the Star Tribune that there are still many people not believing the global warming is happening.

Steger has organized several campaign based on his nonprofit foundation, Will Steger Foundation, to warn people that they have to aware the seriousness of the global warming, according to the Star Tribune.

Will Steger has used his experience and scientific data for his assertion to the crowd and he has tried to combine education and his adventure stories as a carrier of global warming message, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Also, Steger told to the Minnesota Daily that the government and media has been misleading the people facts about global warming.

Will Steger is best known for his 1989-1990 travers of Antractica by dogsled, according to the Minnesota Daily.

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