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Destructive Winds Brought Black Out LAX

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Los Angeles International Airport, one of busiest airport in the United States, was blacked out due to hurricane force winds Thursday night.

About thousands passengers stayed at the airport in the dark, accoridng to the ABC News.

The winds officialy can not be called the hurricane but its impact was powerful because the winds' speed was over 60 to 80 miles per hour, according to the ABC News.

ABC News reported that not only the airport, but also many parts of Southern California were under impact of the wild weather.

Captain Mark Savage at Los Angeles Fire Department warned that over 60 mph winds would be dangerous, according to the ABC News.

Police arrested two men who refuesed to remove their tents in front of Minneapolis City Hall in the Thursday Morning, accoridng to the KSTP TV.

Although two people were arrested and the tents were removed, another demonstration has been organizing in Government Plaza, accoridng to the KSTP TV.

Walker Friend, one of protesters, told to the KSTP TV that although police asked to removed the tents, he believes that "the battle has not even started."

Dave Bicking, another person from protestors, expressed that this action would not make them stop doing demonstration and he said he would be "coming back" for the protest.

Due to the cold weather, some of protesters have been hopitalizing, according to the KSTP TV.

Black Friday Opening at Midnight

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Tom Lee, Star Tribune business writer, reported that many retailers, including Target, Bestbuy and Mall of America, were pushed to make early opening at Black Friday to generate more sales.

Dave Miller who was in a long line to enter the Mall of America, told to the Star Tribune that this would be a "good social experience."

Paige Jacobs also expressed that it is worth to do and she can be patient to buy what she wants with cheaper prices.

Several retailers put opening times at Black Friday forward from 4 a.m to midnihgt and shoppers had different views abouth the opening times.

Shoppers, escpecially the younger people, such as high school and college students enjoyed 12 a.m. Black Friday openings at Mall of America, but older people considered the early opening time as distrubtion of their family time, according to the Star Tribune.

Interracial Marriage Couple Was Banned From Church

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A church in Terre Haute, IN., bans interracial marriage and the church memebers voted to keep interracial marriage couple out of service.

Stella S. Harville, a graduate school at Indiana University, told to the CNN that she was not welcomed in her church because she is in an interracial relationship.

The former pastor at the church told to Harville's parents that he did not want his grand daughter to grow up with thinking being in a relationship with a black man is okay, according to Harville.

Only nine members out of fifty members voted to keep the couple out of service in the church and new pastor is not favor in old pastor's decision, accoridng to the CNN.

Harville told to the CNN that there will be another vote about this issue and her parents will keep going to the church because they believe new pastor is different from the former pastor.

A movement and pressure for equal love have been increased in Australia, although the country currently bans same-sex marriage.

Although Labor party, Australia governing party, has splited due to the issue about same-sex marriage during the party conference in Sydney, the party has turned to endorse same-sex marriage, according to the BBC.

However, the Prime Minister Julia Gillard would not propose any bill pushing chagnes in conservative opossitions about legalizing same-sex marriage, reported Phil Mercer.

People from the supporting same-sex marriage campaigns argued that they deserve equal right, during the Labor party conference in Sydney.

Also, Mercer reported that recent opinion poll showed that a majority of Australian people believed gay couple should be given the same rights.

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