Black Friday Opening at Midnight

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Tom Lee, Star Tribune business writer, reported that many retailers, including Target, Bestbuy and Mall of America, were pushed to make early opening at Black Friday to generate more sales.

Dave Miller who was in a long line to enter the Mall of America, told to the Star Tribune that this would be a "good social experience."

Paige Jacobs also expressed that it is worth to do and she can be patient to buy what she wants with cheaper prices.

Several retailers put opening times at Black Friday forward from 4 a.m to midnihgt and shoppers had different views abouth the opening times.

Shoppers, escpecially the younger people, such as high school and college students enjoyed 12 a.m. Black Friday openings at Mall of America, but older people considered the early opening time as distrubtion of their family time, according to the Star Tribune.

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