Interracial Marriage Couple Was Banned From Church

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A church in Terre Haute, IN., bans interracial marriage and the church memebers voted to keep interracial marriage couple out of service.

Stella S. Harville, a graduate school at Indiana University, told to the CNN that she was not welcomed in her church because she is in an interracial relationship.

The former pastor at the church told to Harville's parents that he did not want his grand daughter to grow up with thinking being in a relationship with a black man is okay, according to Harville.

Only nine members out of fifty members voted to keep the couple out of service in the church and new pastor is not favor in old pastor's decision, accoridng to the CNN.

Harville told to the CNN that there will be another vote about this issue and her parents will keep going to the church because they believe new pastor is different from the former pastor.

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