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Police arrested two men who refuesed to remove their tents in front of Minneapolis City Hall in the Thursday Morning, accoridng to the KSTP TV.

Although two people were arrested and the tents were removed, another demonstration has been organizing in Government Plaza, accoridng to the KSTP TV.

Walker Friend, one of protesters, told to the KSTP TV that although police asked to removed the tents, he believes that "the battle has not even started."

Dave Bicking, another person from protestors, expressed that this action would not make them stop doing demonstration and he said he would be "coming back" for the protest.

Due to the cold weather, some of protesters have been hopitalizing, according to the KSTP TV.

Black Friday Opening at Midnight

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Tom Lee, Star Tribune business writer, reported that many retailers, including Target, Bestbuy and Mall of America, were pushed to make early opening at Black Friday to generate more sales.

Dave Miller who was in a long line to enter the Mall of America, told to the Star Tribune that this would be a "good social experience."

Paige Jacobs also expressed that it is worth to do and she can be patient to buy what she wants with cheaper prices.

Several retailers put opening times at Black Friday forward from 4 a.m to midnihgt and shoppers had different views abouth the opening times.

Shoppers, escpecially the younger people, such as high school and college students enjoyed 12 a.m. Black Friday openings at Mall of America, but older people considered the early opening time as distrubtion of their family time, according to the Star Tribune.

Bullet at University Residence Hall

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A bullet was found at Comstock Hall which is one of University of Minnesota's residence halls on Nov., 15.

A stray bullet broke a window at the residence hall but no one was harmed, according to the Minnesota Daily.

A university studnet was woken up due to a noise around 4 a.m., and the student found a hole in the south window of dorm room, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Deputy chief of the Univeristy Police Department, Chuck Miner, told to the Star Tribune that the bullet was fired from far distance and it was not targeted someone or residence hall.

The Minnesota Daily reported that University police announced the bullet broke two panels of glass and the investigation is on progess.

Protest Against Well Fargo

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About 50 Minneapolis took to the street to protest against Wells Fargo's new policies on the University of Minnesota campus Nov., 8.

Most of them were from the group, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy, and they have been refuged to meet Wells Fargo executives to discuss the issues, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Kevin Whelan who is a spokesman for Minnesotans for a Fair Economy told to the Minnesota Daily that they want to meet the CEO and discuss about bank's new policies and damage that the bank has done to the community.

Kira Downey from protesters is a 17-year-old University of Minnesota student and she told to the Star Tribune that she had to reduce one course at the school because she had to get a job and this situation was rooted from her parent's financial problems. According to the Star Tribune, Downey's parents have struggled from $240,000 mortgage and her house has been scheduled for a sheriff's sale on Nov., 22.

Although protesters were gathered for two hours in front of the McNamara Alumni Center where Wells Fargo CEO's speech held with picketing, they were not able to talk him, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Housing Price Still Going Down In Minnesota

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Housing Prices is declining in local home market and the Twin Cities area's home sales market is still under a sluggish market as well.

Finance and Commerce reported that the overal median sales price dropped 9.4 percent from a year ago which is $155,000, based on the latest market statistics from the Minneapolis Area Association of Realotrs for October.

While the prices and sales were down, the pending sales were up 34.6 percent in October caompared with the same month in last year, 2010, according to the Finance and Commerce.

However, the meidan prices for lender-owned foreclosures dropped to $100,500 which is a drop of 11.8 percent comapred with the price in the same period in 2010, according to the Finance and Commerce.

Minnesota Daily also reported that foreclosure sales in Minnestoa for previous 3 months dropped 32 percent from the same period in 2010.

Compared with 2008 when about 3,000 homes were foreclosed in Minneapolis, a 33 percent declined from the peak year of home foreclosures, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Cedar Towing and Auction Is Under Police Investigation

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Cedar Towing and Auction, the largest towing company in Minneapolis, is under a police investigation on illegal and overcharging customers.

The Hennepin County received information that the towing company might charge storage fees for the first 24 housrs which againsts the law, according to the KSTP TV.

The police department found paperwork which shows more than 3,600 vehicles since January 2011, and if the company charged the storage fees illegally, the towing company might earn more than $ 98,000 from customers, accoridng to the KSTP TV.

The Star Tribune reported that the towing company's alleged overcharges could amount to $100,000 this year alone, according to a court document.

The police investigation on Cedar Towing and Auction is not the first time. The company paid $1,341 in 2008 as fines after Tuffs issued 12 citations for failing to fill out tow-authorization froms and 12 citations for leaving towed vehicles at unsecured sites, accoridng to the Star Tribune.

Global Warming Message from The Famed Minnesota Explorer

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A famous Minnosota explorer, Will Steger who is well known as a polar explorer and authority for the Polar regions tried to make Minnesota a leading state for fighting against global warming.

Steger told to the Star Tribune that there are still many people not believing the global warming is happening.

Steger has organized several campaign based on his nonprofit foundation, Will Steger Foundation, to warn people that they have to aware the seriousness of the global warming, according to the Star Tribune.

Will Steger has used his experience and scientific data for his assertion to the crowd and he has tried to combine education and his adventure stories as a carrier of global warming message, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Also, Steger told to the Minnesota Daily that the government and media has been misleading the people facts about global warming.

Will Steger is best known for his 1989-1990 travers of Antractica by dogsled, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Since Rep. Michele Bachmann announced her run for president in June, she has stood alone on a big stage in the spotlight.

Rep. Bachmann told to the Minnesota Public Radio News that her life experience has shaped her political ideology.

Although Michele Bachmann was born in 1956 into a family of Norwegian Lutheran Democrats, she pointed out the day when the decision to be no longer Democrats as her philosophical turning point, according to the Star Tribune.

Rep. Michele Bachmann has hold a solid view about deregulation on taxes and social issues and she told to the Miinesota Public Raido News that her working experience at IRS tax attorney influenced on her view strongly.

Bahmann established herself as one of the most conservative Senators in Minnesota when she confronted banning same-sex marriage, according to the Star Tribune.

Although she described herself as "deep in the minority in Congress and new freshman", Bachmann's supporting has been rising since she declared her candidacy, according to the Minnesota Public Radio News.

Body found near Zumbro River in Southeast Minnesota

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The Olmsted County shefiff's dive team found a body near a Zumbro River bridge in Rochester during a team practice session on Sunday.

The Rochester Police Department said a woman's body was discovered on Sunday morning in the river, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The Police Departement told the St. Paul Pioneer that the death appeared to be very recent and a postmortem is planned to determine the reason of her death.

Authorities have identified the victim but they withheld her name, reported the Star Tribune.

Lana Sullivan who lives near the river told the Star Tribune that boday was floating face down about 7 feet to 8 feet from shore and the boday was removed 11 a.m. Sunday.

The sheriff's dive team denied any comments about the body, according to the St. Paul Pioneer.

Continuous Growth of Somali Population in Minnesota

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Somali population in Minnesota increased from 27,000 to 32,000, compared to previous census data, according to the new census data released Thursday.

Minnesota's Somali population is the largest in the United States, compared with 12, 300 in Ohio, 9,300 in Washington and 7,500 in California, the Minnesota Daily reported.

The Minnesota Daily pointed out Somali immigration to the state has been the largest influx of emmigrants from sub-Saharan Africa in recent years.

However, the Star Tribune reported Minnesota's Somlai Community have been under federal investigations for recruiting and financing of al-shabab in Somalia.

Two women who are U.S. citizens of Somali descent, have been charged with conspiring to funnel money to al-Shabab, during the Minnesota investigations, according to the Star Tribune.

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