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Destructive Winds Brought Black Out LAX

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Los Angeles International Airport, one of busiest airport in the United States, was blacked out due to hurricane force winds Thursday night.

About thousands passengers stayed at the airport in the dark, accoridng to the ABC News.

The winds officialy can not be called the hurricane but its impact was powerful because the winds' speed was over 60 to 80 miles per hour, according to the ABC News.

ABC News reported that not only the airport, but also many parts of Southern California were under impact of the wild weather.

Captain Mark Savage at Los Angeles Fire Department warned that over 60 mph winds would be dangerous, according to the ABC News.

Interracial Marriage Couple Was Banned From Church

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A church in Terre Haute, IN., bans interracial marriage and the church memebers voted to keep interracial marriage couple out of service.

Stella S. Harville, a graduate school at Indiana University, told to the CNN that she was not welcomed in her church because she is in an interracial relationship.

The former pastor at the church told to Harville's parents that he did not want his grand daughter to grow up with thinking being in a relationship with a black man is okay, according to Harville.

Only nine members out of fifty members voted to keep the couple out of service in the church and new pastor is not favor in old pastor's decision, accoridng to the CNN.

Harville told to the CNN that there will be another vote about this issue and her parents will keep going to the church because they believe new pastor is different from the former pastor.

Korean Wave in The City of New York

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SM Entertainment, one of biggest comapanies that specialize making teenage idols in South Korea, hosted SM Town Live in Madison Square Garden on Oct., 23.

The show in New York City followed by Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Seoul and brought out biggest Korean pop stars, such as BoA, Kangta, Girls' Generation, f(x), SHINee, Super Junior and TVXQ, according to the

Among many Korean pos stars, the relative newcomer SHINee who were powered by Dr. Martens boots and hair mousse were enough to impress American fans, according to the New York Times.

The young female groups, especially Girls' Generations who represent the latest Korean pop's trend, reflected that female groups are more sexualized than male groups in South Korea, according to the New York Times.

During the show, the songs and performance reminded of American pop stars and it was enough to show American influence on Korean pop, according to the New York Times.

Higher Airfares during Holidays

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Due to economic depression, airline comapnies have cut many seats for the holidays which led to higher airfares for available seats.

Ticket prices for the holidays would be 6 percent to 12 percent higher than the same period in 2010, according to the Time Moneyland.

Not only the fewere estimated travelers during the holidays, but also an Obama administration proposal to incerase airline taxes led carriers to raised fares in this year, according to the Time Moneyland.

For the Thanksgiving travel period, the average domestic airfare would be $368.16 which was increased 10 percent compared with last year and the average domestic airfare for the Christmans holiday season, the price would be $413.89 which is 9 percent increased, accoridng to the Houston Chronicle.

Bryan Saltzburg, general manager of TripAdvisor Flight, suggested that being flexible and on the holiday travel time by avoiding the the peak period to save money or get a cheaper ticket, accoridng to the Houston Chronicle.

Disney Reports Shiny Results of the Quarter

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Disney's net income for the quarter has increased 30 percent from last year and reached $1.1 billion.

Disney which is the "happiest place on earth" increased its revenues 7 percent and net icome was up 21 percent, according to the CNNMoney.

CNNMoney pointed out that Disney's growth might be driven by company's consumer products, theme parks and resorts segments as well as by cable networks, such as sports channel ESPN and the Disney Channel.

The media networks including ESPN and the ABC broadcast network posted a 9 percent gain in revune to $ 4.8 billion, according to the Reuters.

The theme parks and resorts group reported an 11 percent revenue gain to $ 3.1 billion and comapring with other DIsney's businesses, the studio and entertainment division was the only disappointing result in this quarter, with revenue aliding 8 percent to under $ 1.46 billion, according to the Reuters.

Matty Alou who played for six major league teams dided in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republice at 72.

Alou suffered from several ailments and the cause of his death was complication of diabetes, according to the New York Times.

Alou was a career .307 hitter with 31 home runs, 1,777 hits and 236 doubles in his 15 major league seasons, according to The Huston Chronicle.

Not only Matty Alou alone, but also Matty Alou and his brother, Felipe Alou, appeared in the same outfiled for more than 5,000 games and made succesful major league careers, according to the New York Times.

Luis Manuel Bonetti, Leones President, told to The Huston Chronicle that Not only Leones, but also Dominican baseball lost one of symbolic individuals.

Matty Alou was born on Dec., 1938 in Bajos de Haina, Dominican Republic and Alou is survived by his wife, two sons and a daugther, according to the New York Times.

Rare Snow Storm Hits Northeast in October

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A heavy snow and winds brought power failure from Maryland north through Connecticut on Saturday.

About a million customers in the mid-Atlantic states suffered msot as the result of the unsual October snow storm, especially, almost 428,000 people lost their power Saturday afternoon, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Los Angeles Times reported the 1.3 inches of snow that fallen at Central Park in New York made this month the snowiest October since 1869.

State governments of Maine, Massachusetts and New Jersey announced restoration of power outages would take several days, while it could be more than a week in Conneticut and New Hampshire, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Chicago Tribune reported Amtrak in strom areasand New Jersey Transit and Metro-North Railroad suspended service, while Aiports slowly returned to normal service.

Weather emergencies due to the snow storm were declared in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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