A survey shows fathers of only daughter are most gender-equal

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According to koreatimes, fathers of only daughter have been found to most believe that men and women are equal. The state-run Korea Women's Development Institute reported Monday that fathers of only daughter scored 76.76 on average in a survey of consciousness of gender equality for 1,800 parents of elementary, middle and high school students last July.

The figure is higher than the 74.92 by mothers of two daughters and the 73.72 by mothers of only daughter. The gap is quite wider with fathers of one child or more other than the only daughter. The lowest scorers are fathers of the only son with 60.68, 16 points less than highest scorers. Fathers with one son and one daughter came ninth with 63.32 and fathers of the only daughter seventh with 60.05.

On the part of parents, mothers are more understandable about gender equality than fathers at 71.5:64.81. In terms of children, parents of daughters scored higher than those with sons at 73.38: 68.19. Ahn Sang-soo, senior researcher at the institute, has focused on Ddal Babo or "Fool to daughters " meaning those who blindly love their daughters. Gender equality has mainly affected parents whose children are daughters or not.

"Even fathers with general conception experience gender inequality in an indirect manner, while rearing their daughters," said Ahn. "Daughter's life affected fathers' mindset about women positively as they always worry about or expect much from their daughters."

This research asked 12 questions including 'Men, as a patriarch, should get more salary than women', 'It does not look good when a man work in a lower level of position than a woman', and 'It does not look good when a man cook in the kitchen' on a 4 scale and converted into a 100 scale.

The 4 scale seems like a little narrow to measure the degree of agreement exactly. However, overall it was interesting research about fathers' attitudes toward gender-equality and the method they used, Likert scale, was appropriate.


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