Questionnaire about attributes toward the use of laptop

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I got an assignment from one of my classes and I needed to interview or survey a subculture group which is different from my background. I decided to conduct a survey about the use of laptop and social influence on their purchase decision making. I made 12 questions and conducted the survey with five Malaysian female students at the University of Minnesota via email. For this assignment, I needed to survey only five people. However, the number of my sample was too small to generalize the population of the subculture group. If there is a chance to survey more Malaysian female students, I want to conduct a further survey about this subject matter. Also I want to ask more questions about the difference between their social relationship with Malaysian and with American.

1. Which brand's laptop do you own?

2. What is your favorite laptop brand? If you don't have any specific favorite brand, say "I don't have any".

3. If you have your favorite brand, why do you like the brand the most?
a. Good design
b. Reasonable price
c. Convenient after-sale service
d. Favorable brand image
e. Great specs
f. Others (Specify: )

4. When you buy a laptop, what is the most important consideration factor?
a. Brand name
b. Price
c. Specs
d. Design
e. Others (Specify: )

5. Where did you buy your laptop?
a. The U.S.
b. Malaysia
c. Another place (Specify: )

6. Which channel did you use when you bought your laptop?
a. The brand's own website
b. Online retail stores (Amazon, e-bay, etc.)
c. Electronics retail stores (Best Buy etc.)
d. Warehouse stores (Walmart, Target, K-mart, etc.)
e. Others (Specify: )

7. What was the most influential factor that affected your choice when you bought your laptop? (Choose all that apply)
a. Friends
b. Family members
c. Advertisements
d. Sales person
e. Brand image
f. Product reviews
g. Special deal
h. Others (Specify: )

8. Please rate your personal feelings toward the following laptop brands on a scale of 1-5
(1=very negative, 2=negative, 3=neutral, 4=positive, 5=very positive):
a. Apple:
b. Samsung:
c. Dell:
d. HP:
e. LG:
f. Toshiba:
g. Sony:
h. Asus:

9. Do you think that which brand's laptop you own affects your social image?
a. Yes
b. Somewhat
c. No

10. Do you think which factor is more important when you buy a laptop?
a. The brand image of a laptop
b. The specs or price of a laptop

11. Do you have Malaysian friends more than American friends in the U.S.?
a. Yes
b. No

12. Do you feel more comfortable with your Malaysian friends than American friends?
a. Yes
b. Sometimes
c. No

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