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Have you ever experienced a demon visitor at night???

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From the title of my blog, you were probably able to tell that I was going to blog about sleep paralysis. This is described as a strange experience of being unable to move just after falling asleep or immediately upon awakening. The authors of our psychology book say that it is caused by a disruption of our sleep cycles, fear, and or nervousness. The one idea that caught my attention the most was about the different cultural interpretations of sleep paralysis. It says that in Thailand this experience is interpreted as a ghost like figure or demon sitting on top of the person sleeping.


It was shocking to me because my parents are from Thailand and though we are not Thai, they still had the same beliefs about sleep paralysis. My mother has experienced this numerous times in her life. She says that it's the same ghost every time and it only occurs when my dad is not in bed with her. I even walked in on her once when this occurred. The door to her room was slightly open and I heard her making little noises so I came in and she looked like she was struggling so I woke her up. It scared me to see her like that, but she was so used to it that it did not bother her as much as it did me. It also happened to my brothers when they were younger. They got into a fight and came back very shaken up. That night, they experienced sleep paralysis and according to the book it must have been because they experienced terror and anxiety. They too, said that it was a demon figure sitting on them and they couldn't move.

I guess the only question I have is why does it only happen to my mother when she's alone? Nowhere in the psychology book does it address this.

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