Asian Parents are STRICT!

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I've grown up having two of the most strict parents ever! I couldn't hang out with boys (if you're a guy, you're automatically considered a boyfriend), go out late on a weekend (even when I turned 18), still have to ask permission to do things today (although they want me to I don't), and should cook and clean (because of the gender roles in my culture). According to the three different parenting styles, I believe my parents have the authoritarian parenting style. An authoritarian parenting style is strict and the parents show little affection to their child. Although, my parents were strict, they showed me lots of affection! One might say that they're parenting style is authoritative then, which are parents who let their child have freedom, but with certain limits. Based on my personal experience with them though, I'd have to stick with authoritarian. Well here's a pic of me and my parents. I couldn't get it to show so you'll have to use the link.


When I starting expressing how I felt about my parents to friends, I was made aware that a lot of my asian friends felt the same and a lot of my non-asian friends didn't. From what I know from friends, I'd say that most Caucasion and African American parents fall under the authoritative type of parenting. I was jealous.

To this day, I still wish my parents were less strict on me. I know I still would've made the right decisions. Some parents are too overprotective.

How are your parents?

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