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June 30, 2009

Color: Writing Prompt July 1-8

With summer comes color, or colors. Write about what it means to you. Color. Is it full of meaning or is it not? Do certain colors turn you on or turn you off? How do you think of color in relation to your gender or sexuality? Are you consumed by colors or do you consume them?

We would love to have your thoughts poems, esaays, prose pieces on this topic,
we want to hear from you! Please see the "How to Become an Author" blog
entry for further information on responding to this and all future prompts. We welcome all posts, if your writing doesn't end up speaking to the prompt but is triggered by it we want to know!

Happy writing!

June 25, 2009


Summer is that time of year when I
act freer, see things brightly and remember.

Living in the old house on 1048 Central Ave
in St. Paul. No AC, just rattling fans in strategic
places with shades pulled down and curtains drawn.

Fruit in abundance, not just the
apples, oranges, and bananas
but also the strawberries, blueberries,
cantaloupe, honeydew and cut up
watermelon before bed in cotton pj's.

Riding bikes in blazing heat around
the neighborhood, hanging out at the
playground, meeting and making new

Walking with my sisters to get
dipped ice cream cones from
Dairy Queen down the block.
Happy to share the time with
just them.

Remembering the hot trip to Philly
in 1977. Staying at Grandma and
Grandpa's with mom while my older
brother and sister went to Aunt Alma's
store or to New York city with Uncle Junior.

Summer is youth, fresh, and bubbling over
with sunshine. It is snippets of photos, flashing
through the slide projector. It comes and
goes too fast...

Lori Young-Williams

June 16, 2009

Summertime: Writing Prompt June 16-22

Let's kick off our writing prompt with Summertime. George Gershwin wrote
Summertime, when the livin' was easy. When you hear the word Summertime, or
Summer, what do you think of? Who is or is not with you in the Summertime?
Where do you go in the Summertime?

Please submit your blogs on this topic by midnight on Monday June 22nd. While this is not a "strict" deadline, we will be posting a new prompt the following week, but if inspiration strikes you past this "deadline" please feel free to share your words.

We would love to have your thoughts poems, esaays, prose pieces on this topic,
we want to hear from you! Please see the "How to Become an Author" blog
entry for further information on responding to this and all future prompts.

How to Become an Author

Thank you for your courage in sharing your writings and your words of wisdom in
this forum! You have two options to post your writing to the Women of Color
Writing Blog. You may:

1) Email your post to Lori Young Williams as either a word document or an email
message to youngwms@yahoo.com . We will not edit your words, rather simply
copy and paste your words into a blog entry. Please be sure to write how you
would like your name to appear with your entry. Or,

2) You may email Kandace Creel Falcón at kjcfalcon@gmail.com to begin the
processes of becoming an author for the blog. This option will allow you
to post any time you want/feel like to the blog and will eliminate the middle
step of having to send your blog entry through Lori.

We look forward to reading your writings.

Women of Color: Writing for Our Lives Philosophy

Hello Women of Color Writers -

We are writing to say that we are changing hands as Sherry Quan Lee the creator
of this blog has stepped down and Kandace is joining me at the helm. Thank you
Sherry for your inspiration and creating a space where we can write and respond
to our own lives. For more on the beginnings of this blog please see our March
3rd, 2009 blog entry.

As we move from Sherry's wonderful creative beginnings we hope to encourage a
more collaborative space for women of color writers (of all genres- poetry,
prose, essays, memoir etc.) to share our writings and our words with one
another, and to create an online community of women of color writers with this
blog. This blog is a space for all women of color to post their writing, to
converse about the details of our lives and most importantly inspire our own
creative processes and other women of color writers who write for our lives.
Historically this blog has also been a used as a resource for other women of
color writers as well as informational about upcoming writing events in the
Twin Cities area, we will continue to do this as we expand and hopefully
incorporate women's voices from exciting geographic locations around the
US. We will be posting a new writing prompt about once a week to keep you
motivated, inspired, and grounded.

A note about blogging: Please keep in mind that this is a public space, meaning
the words you write here can be viewed by anyone with internet access, in this
vein once you disseminate your intellectual knowledge it is out in the world
to be consumed. We do of course ask, that if anyone's words are to be used,
cited and/or quoted on other blogs or in any other public arena that we are
given credit for our thoughts, ideas and writings. In regards to one another,
we are committed to always being respectful of each other (personally and with
our writings) on this blog. Please feel free to comment on the writing here, we
will be approving appropriate comments. If you would like to become a regular
poster on our blog please see our post on "How to become an author" for more

We look forward to seeing where this journey can take us and welcome any
suggestions for how we can make this blog a true collaborative effort.

Your facilitators,

Lori Young-Williams and Kandace Creel Falcón

June 5, 2009

New Administrator to the Blog: Welcome Kandace!

Hello Readers! I just wanted to welcome our new administrator of the blog Kandace Creel Falcón. She is a Doctoral Candidate in Feminist Studies at the University of Minnesota and will be helping to oversee the general workings and writings of the blog. Welcome!