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De Colores

Red is my favorite color most days. I love red, it is one of three equal colors in the Mexican flag, it makes up one equal third of the identity of my peoples. Red for the indigenous aspect of my ancestors, white for the Spanish colonizers who came and took their lives, their land, their love and green for the mestiza race that bloomed from the red and white mixing. A perfect interpretation because green is not a primary color, you can only find it from mixing yellow and blue, like the skies that burn brightly while falcons and eagles dip down to grab snakes from under cacti in the desert.

I also like pink, hot pink, rich pink, deep pink - pink so bright it inspires white people to comment on my color choices. Pink like a New Mexican sunset, "You're so bold to wear such bright colors" they say, admiring my colors while they wear black and grey and tan only. Like vampires, afraid to attract attention, they walk pale in the bright yellow, orange, red of the sun, afraid to shine under blue skies.

Maybe they are afraid to sneak out from the shade of trees in their bright colors because of the power of the hawks that roam in the sky. Knowing that while we may have been colonized, once we are free to fly there is no marginalizing us anymore. I twirl in skirts, red as blood, with embroidery in the colors of five differently shaded rainbows. I boldly wear yellow - all shades of yellow, lime green, dark green, bright blues, orange anything to connect me to my people who are not afraid to walk freely out of shadows and into bright, warm, yellow sunshine.

Nothing around me is dull, I am attracted to other bright shiny things, the brighter the better, I'm so bold. Colors stream out of me as I walk through this world, connecting my brown feet to brown soil, dipping my red hands into red chiles, smiling green when white people ask me "what are you?", "can you speak Spanish"?, "is your mother a citizen?" all the while knowing that it is I who can walk freely under blue skies, not them. I am Chicana, I am de colores, and they are jealous.

Kandace Creel Falcón
July 2, 2009