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Home: Writing Prompt July 14 - 21

As a kid, visits to Menonmonie, WI were a staple in the summer. Trips to my mom's family home made me feel I was a part and apart of something. What does home mean to you? What memories does it conjure up. Do you feel at home where you currently live? Are you still trying to find home? Or doesn't home matter? Why are we drawn to having a place called home? What does home mean to you.

We would love to have your thoughts, stories, poems, esaays, and prose pieces on this topic, we want to hear from you! Please see the "How to Become an Author" blog
entry for further information on responding to this and all future prompts. We welcome all posts, if your writing doesn't end up speaking to the prompt but is triggered by it we want to know!

Happy writing!