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i especially noticed
how beautiful the trees were.

purely accidently
i found my way to an urban park
no swings for children
i noticed.
just benches for the adults

it was the kind of park where folks would go to on their lunch break.
as a kid, I often wondered why they had those kind of parks.
seeing how life is...
i now know why those kind of parks exist.

in the middle of the afternoon
i walked
and took in
the fragrance from the gorgeous flowers

immersed in the beauty
under my breath
i said
thank you God
for your earthly presents.

the exotic plants were in abundance
first time
i saw
birds of paradise

afraid to touch
i took pictures

and noticed
an oversized metal sculpture of a child dancing
handsomely painted in vibrant colors
it too

but what was so picturesque
a bee
i followed

crazy of me.

i know.

i wanted a picture
not of the flower
but of the bee on the flower
making love to life

don't mind me,
i said to the bee.
just go on
do your business

he moved and I followed
like a fool
i followed
and continued to follow

hoping to capture a snapshot
of this moment

a glimpse of life
and beauty
in this small park where most just walk by
not noticing nothing

the chase continued

he moved
i chased
and chased
and snapped in between all the chasing.

the pictures were blurred.
Oh this I will call art.

a bold me zoomed in.
and captured

a picture of a bee.

but the best picture
was the one not taken.

of me
traveling this great distance
to take
a picture

by Theresa Crushshon