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October 1, 2009

School: Writing Prompt October 1 - 7

School, I feel like that's my life right now: learning, writing, interacting with classmates, teachers, instructors, staying up late, catching up on reading assignments, trips to the library, searching for books, files and articles, losing sleep, worrying, passing tests, failing classes, endless hours on your a-- in front of a desk, table or other hard surface. The list is endless.

What is your school experience? Are you thinking of going back to school? What memories, good, bad or otherwise, do you have of school?

Please share your thoughts, stories, poems, essays, and prose pieces on this topic. See the "How to Become an Author" blog entry for further information on responding to this and all future prompts. We welcome all posts, if your writing doesn't end up speaking to the prompt but is triggered by it, we want to know!