August 11, 2009

August Writing Prompt - Vessels of Pain

For the month of August please consider writing a blog post for our collective blog. Please pass on to your writer friends! Also, remember this is simply a suggestion to get your thoughts and writing going, we welcome all writings by women of color on our blog!

I have recently returned from a two week research journey where I collected the oral histories of five women in my family. It is an amazing experience to learn the histories of your own flesh and blood and I have been reflecting on the journey since my return. In her book, A Taco Testimony: Meditations on Family, Food and Culture, Denise Chávez writes, "All my life I have been trying to write my family's story. It hasn't been easy, not because I can't remember, but because I can't forget" (17, 2006). I trust that many of us know these words to be true of our own lives and experiences. After collecting these oral histories I came back from my trip with both joy and pain in my heart. The rivers of pain that flowed from these women's stories seemed to pool within me as my advisor, Edén Torres noted, this caused me to become "a vessel of pain". How do we as women deal with this pain as we constantly carry it with us in this world? What stories, poems, writings do you have that both illuminate this pain and help to deal with this pain?

Happy writing!

Kandace and Lori