February 24, 2010


as i look at my list

the never-ending to do list
that i avoid to do

list of tasks,
of goals,
of resolutions.

in priority order
by longest standing date

memorized to the d
details so clear
they sometimes blur
with insignificance

a list
that screams for me to
check off its boxes
boxes attached to tasks
tasks that hang on
for days
for weeks

dragging an illusion
to complete satisfaction

wish i could
shred it
yes, shred it to



then, restart
with one thing to do:

1) live.


February 22, 2010

What Next: Writing Prompt - February 22 - 28

What next?

Being off this semester and seeing the end of my program in the distance (two more classes, but a ton of writing), I have been asking myself the question - what next?

Do I keep plugging along on my bibliography, reading the next book to inspire more research? Or do I buy groceries? Or do I clean and dust the house...has it been a month? Or do I sit in front of the TV and catch up on Project Runway and America's Next Top Model? Or worse yet, get sucked in by Bravo's Housewives of - you fill in the blank.

What next?

Please share your thoughts, stories, poems, essays, and prose pieces on this topic. See the "How to Become an Author" blog entry for further information on responding to this and all future prompts. We welcome all posts, if your writing doesn't end up speaking to the prompt but is triggered by it, we want to know!

Happy Writing!