June 16, 2009

Women of Color: Writing for Our Lives Philosophy

Hello Women of Color Writers -

We are writing to say that we are changing hands as Sherry Quan Lee the creator
of this blog has stepped down and Kandace is joining me at the helm. Thank you
Sherry for your inspiration and creating a space where we can write and respond
to our own lives. For more on the beginnings of this blog please see our March
3rd, 2009 blog entry.

As we move from Sherry's wonderful creative beginnings we hope to encourage a
more collaborative space for women of color writers (of all genres- poetry,
prose, essays, memoir etc.) to share our writings and our words with one
another, and to create an online community of women of color writers with this
blog. This blog is a space for all women of color to post their writing, to
converse about the details of our lives and most importantly inspire our own
creative processes and other women of color writers who write for our lives.
Historically this blog has also been a used as a resource for other women of
color writers as well as informational about upcoming writing events in the
Twin Cities area, we will continue to do this as we expand and hopefully
incorporate women's voices from exciting geographic locations around the
US. We will be posting a new writing prompt about once a week to keep you
motivated, inspired, and grounded.

A note about blogging: Please keep in mind that this is a public space, meaning
the words you write here can be viewed by anyone with internet access, in this
vein once you disseminate your intellectual knowledge it is out in the world
to be consumed. We do of course ask, that if anyone's words are to be used,
cited and/or quoted on other blogs or in any other public arena that we are
given credit for our thoughts, ideas and writings. In regards to one another,
we are committed to always being respectful of each other (personally and with
our writings) on this blog. Please feel free to comment on the writing here, we
will be approving appropriate comments. If you would like to become a regular
poster on our blog please see our post on "How to become an author" for more

We look forward to seeing where this journey can take us and welcome any
suggestions for how we can make this blog a true collaborative effort.

Your facilitators,

Lori Young-Williams and Kandace Creel Falcón