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I liked Dillard’s real approach to nature in her chapter “Heaven and Earth in Jest?. She doesn’t just talk about how nature is always so peaceful and friendly, she gives a darker view of nature with example violence and death within nature. She finds beauty in this darker view of nature. “Power and beauty, grace tangled in a rapture with violence? is how she described the hundreds of sharks that she saw under the water.
In the first paragraph you can tell that the story isn’t going to be the happiest side of nature. It is just the way she describes her cat, and the fact that it would be covered in blood. Then she goes into talking about her witnessing the death of a frog, giving a very detailed account of how the “Giant water bug? ate it. Even when she describes the sun setting, it’s not about how the sun looks, but about the light being drained from the earth and everything being taken over be blackness. None of her descriptions of her different events really are the types of scenes of nature that you would expect when describing beauty within nature, which is why I think it gives a very real approach to the topic. It seems like throughout the whole article she tries to show that there is a lot of power and violence is all part of nature, and that we should be there to watch and enjoy it.

Towards the end of the chapter Dillard gives a comparison of her and a Indian’s arrow with grooves in it called “lightning marks? Here is a link giving describing different types of arrows that American Indians used, including about “lightning marks?. http://members.aol.com/jroache/fact093.html