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I found the article by Abram to be very interesting. It wasn’t the typical article about nature because it seems that the story he was telling wasn’t from a point a view of someone going out to appreciate nature and describe it. He was there for a completely different purpose, to study the relationship between magic and medicine. It seems different from the previous article that we read because it was a story about someone observing another culture respecting nature, or how they were viewing nature, and learning to respect it as well. The previous article were all very personal based, just them and nature and how they perceived it.
One thing in the article that interested me was how Abram was able to become friends with all of the local sorcerers and be invited into their homes. Why would the local sorcerers take such an interest in someone who could do some “sleight-of-hand? tricks? They recognized his ability to loosely alter someone’s perception. I wouldn’t really associate the two very closely. To me, someone you can do magic tricks with there hands is a type of entertainer, you know that it’s a trick but its still fun to watch because it keeps you guessing about how it was done. Shamans and sorcerers, on the other hand, I associate with more a mystical view. Someone that claims they can cure illnesses, or contact the supernatural isn’t trying to entertain, but trying to accomplish something. I just think it is interesting how much they value and admire someone’s ability to alter perception, no matter how small it is.

Here is an interesting site y the Shamanic Institute of the North West, which offers training and workshops to become a Shaman. http://www.shamanweaver.com/